5 Tricks to Keep Your Grass From Drying Out and Turning Yellow This Season

If you have an outdoor garden with grass, check out these inexpensive and homemade tricks to take care of it and prevent it from drying out and turning yellow in the heat.

If you want your garden to look green, beautiful, and well cared for, it is essential to take care of the grass, since it gives a complete look to your garden. However, this hot season is complicated because if you don’t take care of it properly, it can dry out and turn yellow. Therefore, here are some tricks to keep your grass from drying out.

In addition to being a portion of food for livestock animals, the grass is part of the decoration of the house. Therefore, it must be cared for and kept healthy, sold, and beautiful. Check out these tips from gardening experts and make it resistant to heat, rain, and pests.

Green Grass

Before starting with the tips, you should know that in spring it is recommended to water every 2 days, and daily in summer due to the high temperatures. While in autumn every two times a week and in winter once every 20 days.

And if your grass has already turned yellow, the first thing you should do is to check the fertilizer because you are probably giving it yellow. If so, reduce the dose for a product that contains less nitrogen.

Tips to take care of natural grass

Prune it constantly

Keeping it well pruned will help you take care of its health and color. Do not let it grow and cut in the morning or the afternoon. Make sure your scissors or blades are sharp enough to make perfect cuts and not damage the shape of the grass.

Long grass in hot weather

It is recommended that during intense heat and rainy seasons, the grass should not be too short, since the sun’s rays could damage it and turn it yellow.

Eliminate fungus

Another option for yellow grass that you should consider is fungi since they are likely to affect the color of the grass. You just need to buy a fungicide and apply it to solve the problem in your garden.

Repair damaged areas

If you detect that some areas of your grass are dying, the ideal thing to do is to move the soil a little and add fertilizer. In a short time, you will notice that its green color will return immediately.

Sow again

The ideal time to resee grass is during the drier season of spring and summer. Just sow some grass in order to give the soil the nutrients it lost.

Now you know some tricks to keep your grass from drying out.