What Is the Best Place for Pothos?

What is the best place for Pothos? The best place you can place your pothos is in the bathroom. This may sound strange, but it is so because of the amount of moisture and more.

There are several houseplants that are highly valued and sought after. Many people can’t help but surround themselves even at home with nature, greenery, leaves, flowers, good fragrance, and a beautiful atmosphere. Houseplants are not so difficult to grow, just a little attention is needed.

One of the most widely purchased house plants is the pothos. Its heart-shaped leaves certainly cannot be missed by those who are fond of gardening. It is a plant that adapts easily, but perhaps not everyone thinks that the ideal place is the bathroom. It may seem strange and unusual, but this room is rich in moisture, which for some plants is a real boon.

Pothos in the Bathroom

Let’s see below, then, based on its properties why pothos can be just fine in the bathroom. You will see that if you try to move it and put it in this room, you will not regret it.

Pothos: the best place is the bathroom

You never think of the bathroom when it comes to deciding where to place plants. The bathroom is the best place and ideal for several plants that need high humidity. There is always plenty of humidity in the bathroom, and for some plants, it is a real boon. Think about when you entertain yourself for a long time in the winter in a hot bath or shower-that steam will be special for pothos placed nearby.

This plant also needs little light and air. So, it’s no good if your bathroom doesn’t have a window because you’ll have to place the pothos near a source of light, even a small one. Also, be careful in winter to shelter it from the freezing air that may come from outside.

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The advantage, finally, of keeping the plant in a bath is that you will have to think less about watering it. In fact, these moisture baths will always make the soil moist, and give the roots and leaves the right amount of water. Of course, always check, always take care. When the soil is particularly dry, your help is needed.