Why does a fern dry out and how to recover it to make it look beautiful?

Find out why your fern is drying out and how to recover a fern with home remedies to make it look beautiful and lush.

Ferns have become the most popular species as hanging plants to decorate the house in open spaces. However, to make them always look beautiful, we tell you why a fern dries out and how to revive it with special care.

Undoubtedly, thanks to their shades, sizes, and lush volume, ferns become one of the most beautiful plants for the home. But what are ferns? They are vascular plants called seedless vascular plants, which stand out for their large and usually pinnate leaves.

Why a fern dries out

Although ferns are plants that need moisture, a lack or excess of water can cause them to dry out. So too much water is due to a lack of good drainage, which causes the plants to drown and dry out or rot the leaves.

Here’s how to revive a dried fern

If you notice ferns starting to dry out, there are several ways you can revive them. However, the first step is to remove the dried foliage by cutting it at ground level with a pair of scissors, but it is very important that the cut is made laterally or at an angle.

Subsequently, with a bucket of water submerge the pot and when bubbles stop coming out, remove and drain for two hours. When the water stops coming out, place it in a cool environment while the new shoots emerge.

Tips for caring for a fern

The first tip to keep a fern beautiful and lush is to place it in an enclosed area away from sunlight. But with enough heat so that it does not lack light.

Ferns are moisture-loving plant species, so keep the soil moist. You should only insert a finger to check if it is dry or not. But to ensure its growth you should water it every 15 days and try to add fertilizer for green plants and regularly cut the damaged, dark or short leaves.

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