9 Resistant and Easy to Maintain Houseplants

If you want to fill your home with plants but you are not very constant in their care, we tell you which houseplants are the easiest to maintain.

If you love to have your house full of plants but you are a beginner in the matter or not very constant in their care, we tell you which houseplants are ideal for you.

Peperomia, one of the resistant and easy-to-maintain houseplants

In addition to being beautiful, indoor plants require little care, little light, and even moderate watering, so their maintenance is very simple.


Cacti belong to the succulent family and are plants that accumulate water to adapt to the habitat. They need several hours of light per day, moderate watering, and avoid drafts.


Anthurium is known as one of the most resistant indoor plants. Being a tropical plant, it needs a temperature above 15°.

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It is characterized by its large fleshy leaves of a very intense green that end in a point, in the shape of a heart. Its beauty makes them tremendously ornamental and requires little care such as moderate watering and a humid environment.

African violet

It is a hardy, long-lasting, and above all elegant flowering plant. It is an indoor plant that needs little light and moderate watering.

Brazilian rose

It is characterized by the different shades of its leaves. It needs a temperature between 15 and 25° and natural light but not direct sun. It doesn’t need to be watered too much.


The leaves of this plant are the most striking and have a bluish-green color on top combined with a striking violet color. They do not tolerate temperatures below 15° and do well with moderate exposure to light and humidity.

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Money plant

This is a striking plant because of its oval-shaped, bright green leaves. It is easy to maintain and does not require much care. They like the light but you should not give them the direct sun.


Recognized for its healing properties as it soothes from burns to eczema. That is why it is recommended that you plant aloe in your kitchen because it will give a beautiful green note and will serve as a first aid kit.


They have great decorative power and adapt perfectly to the interior of homes. They require sufficient but not direct light and little watering.

Now you know the indoor plants that are easy to care for and above all resistant, so there is no excuse to fill your house with plants.