Tricks To Take Care of Your Plants With Vinegar, a Natural and Ecological Remedy

With these simple gardening tips, you will get rid of fungi and pests in your garden and orchard healthily and economically.

It is a product widely used in the kitchen and as a cleaner, but its uses do not stop there. Thanks to its acidity and natural properties, vinegar is a 100% natural and ecological cleaner and disinfectant to take into account.

Among its many properties, in addition to the health benefits in our diet and the advantages it offers for disinfection and household cleaning, vinegar is a highly recommended product in gardening, offering great advantages in the care of your plants and gardens.

Whether you have an urban garden, in a country house, or if you need to take care of the indoor plants in your home, taking vinegar into account as a remedy to take care of your garden can save you on more than one occasion from having to say goodbye to your plants.

take care of plants with vinegar illustration

Here are some tips on how to take care of them from insects, pests, and weeds:

Get rid of fungus

The disinfectant benefits of vinegar will help you get rid of pests and fungi that may have invaded your garden. Wiping a cotton ball with vinegar over the affected area and soaking it is a foolproof solution to kill fungus on your plants, which usually occurs on trunks and branches.

Keep ants at bay

If you have plants at home and you find it annoying that they are full of ants, just spray the spots where they usually appear with vinegar. You may have to insist a couple of times, but it won’t take much more to keep the bugs at bay.

If you live in a house with a garden, in the countryside and your problem is not ants but larger animals (rabbits, cats, birds…) by soaking several handkerchiefs with pure vinegar and distributing them in your garden you can scare away the presence of animals interested in eating your garden.

Herbicide against weeds

If there are areas in your garden where weeds have started to grow, simply spray the soil in the area with vinegar to kill them. Unlike many weed killers, this remedy is completely safe for the health of humans, pets, and the environment.

Cleaning gardening tools

Vinegar is not only useful for keeping pests at bay. With the same vinegar, you can clean rust from your gardening tools and make them as good as new.