5 Plants for a More Elegant and Cozy Living Room

Well-decorated houses with harmonious compositions make our routine more pleasant, right? Plants in internal environments contribute to the feeling of comfort and bring light to our homes. With the urban jungle movement even more in vogue, we often see living rooms with several plants in beautiful compositions. But it is possible to transform the environment with just one plant, which becomes the highlight of the decoration.

Monstera Deliciosa and Areca palm in the cozy living room

Check below 5 plants that will make your living room more elegant and charming.

Adam’s rib (Monstera Deliciosa)

A classic urban jungle plant! The Adam’s Rib or most commonly known as Monstera Deliciosa grows very well and becomes the highlight in the environment with its wide, outlined, jagged leaves. If grown in a suitable place with good light and frequent watering, it will always present you with new leaves, which unfold in a show of their own.

Ficus Elastica Burgundy (Rubber Tree)

This majestic dark-leaved plant will make the whole room more elegant! Ficus elastica needs an environment with good light, so place it near a window so that it does not receive strong sunlight directly on its leaves. Watering can be frequent, but always check the substrate before watering.

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Snake Plant

Snake Plant (also known as Saint George’s sword, mother-in-law’s tongue, and viper’s bowstring hemp) are already well known for protecting environments and are great options for those who are just starting to take care of plants. With their straight leaves, they bring modernity and elegance to spaces. It is possible to compose vases with different heights of the same species to make them even more evident in the environment. To keep the Snake Plant healthy and beautiful, keep it in a place with indirect shade or half-shade light and moderate watering.

Pacová (Philodendron martianum)

The Pacová (commonly known as Philodendron martianum) is a very present plant in internal environments. It has large shiny leaves that call attention and become the highlight of the decoration. The Pacová is a native Brazilian plant and is a great option for beginners. To keep it beautiful and healthy, you need an environment with indirect shade or half-shade light and moderate watering. Also, remember to clean its leaves frequently to maintain their natural luster.

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Areca palm

With tropical vibes, the Areca palm brings lightness to the environment with its fine and sophisticated leaves. Besides a place with good luminosity and frequent watering, spraying the leaves of this palm to keep the air humidity higher is essential.