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The Menace Of Bullying: What Lemont Parents Are Saying

LEMONT, IL — An informal survey of Patch readers in Lemont whose children attend schools in District 113A and Lemont High School included personal details of bullying incidents among their children. 93 percent of Lemont parents who responded said their child often or sometimes experienced bullying or cyberbullying.

When asked about the district’s bullying discipline policies, responses from parents varied. One parent said bullying has become an epidemic, but believed the school districts are doing a “great job.”

“They do the best they can,” another parent said.

Another parent noted that it’s not the district’s job to address bullying, “it’s the parents teaching their kids to respect others, not the school.”

Yet another parent said “Look to the parents for accountability and the parents need to start disciplining their children and stop enabling them…”

When asked what impact they think bullying has had on students in their child‘s district, these Lemont parents didn’t hold back with their responses. Parents mentioned their child‘s attendance was impacted, and they had poor self-esteem, emotional struggles, stress, depression and anxiety.

One parent said bullying “destroys lives.”

“[They] have no self-esteem and [are] suffering from crippling depression,” another parent wrote.

When asked about the kind of bullying prevention they’ve seen in their child‘s school district, parents did write that the schools have intervention meetings, education, assemblies and talks in advisory.

“The students participate in programs that revolve around positivity and being kind to others,” one parent said.

However, other parents said they didn’t see any kind of prevention.

“They don’t care,” one parent wrote.

One parent said both districts should have “clear consequences” for bullying and “parent involvement.”

Another LHS parent noted the bullying speech is done to all students, but “it ne to be one-on-one with the person who is doing the bullying.”

“Be more aware. Take these blinders off, it’s happening right in front of your eyes,” another parent said.

The regional parent survey, timed to coincide with National Bullying Prevention Month in October, was posted on dozens of Patch sites in Illinois and in the Midwest. The survey is not scientific, but could be considered a broad indicator of parents‘ feelings about the seriousness of bullying in their schools and communities.

Bullying: How District 113A Tackles The Issue

Bullying: How Lemont High School Tackles The Issue

As of Oct. 21, more than 460 parents responded to this regional Patch survey. The key findings were:

Nearly 71 percent of parents said their children had been bullied at least once, and nearly 65 percent had been bullied this school year.36.3 percent of parents said their child has witnessed bullying often at school.48.5 percent of parents said if their child is bullied, it is two or more students bullying them.

These informal findings should be compared to statistics compiled in more scientific surveys, which note that:

Bullying affects 1 in 3 U.S. schoolchildren ( percent of U.S. students experience cyberbullying (Pew Research Center)160,000 kids stay home from school every day to avoid bullies, National Association of School PsychologistsNo Bully/Patch News PartnerThe Menace Of Bullies: Patch Advocacy Reporting Project

As part of a national reporting project, Patch has been looking at society’s roles and responsibilities in bullying and a child‘s unthinkable decision to end their own life in hopes we might offer solutions that save lives.

Do you have a story to tell? Are you concerned about how your local schools handle bullies and their victims?

Email us at and share your views in the comments.

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