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You Don’t Have to Define What Type of Parent You Are

Photo: Brett Sayles (Pexels) A decade ago, at a time when mommy blogs were rising in popularity and we all should have felt united under the umbrella of survival, the phenomenon of the Mommy Wars flared up. These so-called wars, which centered around how one chose to parent, pitted stay-at-home moms …

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A decade of leggings controversy, explained

The years-long debate over whether women should wear leggings in public — and when — is somehow still raging. As reported by the Washington Post, Maryann White, a woman who identified herself as a Catholic mother of four sons, caused a stir on the University of Notre Dame campus by …

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Woman Has Sex On First Dates To ‘Spot Time Wasters’

Some people – we’ll call them ‘traditional’ – don’t like to kiss on the first date. Others like to wait a good few dates before inviting their potential partner back for a ‘drink’. But these strategies are ones that Elysia Downings doesn’t particularly agree with because she always sleeps with …

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