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Milk of magnesia for strange underarm odors

Q: A few months ago, you published an inquiry by someone who used milk of magnesia to help with body odor. For the past year or so, I have been plagued by an obnoxious odor coming from one (only one!) armpit. The smell resembled the spice cumin. I tried many …

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I Am Not My Parents

My son has been a great influence on my life. I can remember the night he was born, and when I held him in my arms. His nose wrinkled as he had just come out of the nice warm confines of his mum’s womb and thrust into the cold emptiness …

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I’m a Widow | Perspectives | Perspectives

The loss of her father and husband in quick succession have Charity Bolona struggling to manage a lot of love that now has no where to go. I have two identical black cats now. Michi and Kikiboo. One, I’m not sure which, bounds across the kitchen and I think, how …

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