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Zoey Deutch ‘Buffaloed’ Interview

The actress and producer also spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about how her work behind the scenes on the film helped her become a better performer. [The following story contains spoilers from Buffaloed.] Zoey Deutch plays an unapologetic hustler determined to get out of her hometown in the Magnolia Pictures film …

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BERNSTEIN: Debt mitigation needs to attack sources of problem

Column: Mind You With approximately 20 million students enrolling in American universities yearly, few U.S. families live without the shadow of tuition costs looming overhead. As an undergraduate student at Rutgers University, I should know. I spent the last four years of high school listening to friends gripe about the …

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What Is Driving the Symbiosis of Wellness and Travel?

Wellness trends and wellness travel trends are essentially one and the same. That’s because when something bubbles up as a trend in the wellness space, it’s almost immediately put into practice by the hospitality industry. Once “forest bathing” became a wellness trend, you could bet the activity was added to …

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Do Spanish startups have a macho problem?

At an after-work event for a well-known Spanish online travel startup last year, a senior manager sips his beer and says to one of his female employees: “It’s pretty surprising how many women we have working here, given that there are so many numbers involved in this job.” Later he …

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Living with Children: Why I talk to the parents, not the kids

Question: I’m new to reading you, but it appears that you don’t have much in common with other psychologists. You don’t agree much with about their approach to children and parenting. Correct? Answer: Correct. I’ve been licensed to practice psychology since 1979. Since then, I’ve concluded that psychology is an …

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Book helps kids, parents with an uncomfortable problem

The brown, sewer snake A doodie, a dookie, Or a big, keister cake. — from “My Poop is Stuck,” by Khalil Dumas and Mary Parkinson DULUTH — Imagine the Marcus Dumas family‘s frantic efforts, back in the day, when the real Khalil Dumas was really stuck. “Because we lived in …

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