Saturday , March 28 2020
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Does the coronavirus economic stimulus do enough for the 99%?

This editorial page was quite clear earlier this month when word of a federal COVID-19 relief package began trickling out of Washington: “We better spend it right. That means getting most of that money straight into the hands of the working people and small businesses who have been hardest hit.” …

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Florida Man Friday: Illin’ and Chillin’ | VodkaPundit

If you had worried that coronavirus might put a stop to Florida Man… nobody thought that, did they? Coronavirus might have slowed Florida Man down this last week, but it could not stop him. So join me now on another thrilling (if somewhat abbreviated)… Florida Man Friday! Let us begin …

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Texas child abuse may be rising amid coronavirus closings

On paper, the number of children being abused and neglected in Texas appears to be going down as the state reckons with a deadly viral outbreak. If only that were true. Fewer suspected cases are being reported to the state’s abuse hotline, but child welfare advocates say that decline is …

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