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Corporate Giving Network founder Joy Stephens Has Spent a Career Building Bridges Between the Nonprofit and For-Profit Worlds

I don’t believe that any leadership trait is overrated, [including] these [qualities]: honesty and integrity, confidence, inspiring others, commitment and passion, good communicator, decision-making capabilities, accountability, delegation and empowerment, creativity and innovation, empathy, resilience, emotional intelligence, humility, transparency, vision and purpose. As a woman, what is the most significant barrier …

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30+ Gender Pay Gap Statistics For 2020

The gender pay gap is both complicated and wildly controversial. There are a lot of things to take into consideration when talking about what the wage gap is and why it exists. For the purpose of this article, we’re sticking to the facts. We’ll delve into the different types of …

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Muslim women are speaking out on being sexually abused by sheikhs

Nouman Ali Khan became somewhat of a superstar in the Muslim world for his eloquent speech in addressing millennials and their issues, which was part of the reason why calling him out was an earthquake that shook the entire community. Khan was under fire after screenshots that allegedly show him “bribing, threatening and misbehaving” …

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Arbroath man acquitted of sexually assaulting two women

An Arbroath man has been acquitted of sexually assaulting two women. Michael Geddes, 52, was found not guilty of touching one of the women on the body, making sexual comments to her, seizing and pulling her clothing, placing his hands inside her clothing and trying to touch her sexually between …

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China Confirms Wuhan Coronavirus Is Being Transmitted Between People

A Chinese federal government wellness professional has actually verified that the Wuhan coronovirus, which is swiftly spreading out throughout China as well as to surrounding nations, can being transmitted between people. “We have now confirmed that human-to-human transmision is happening,” Zhong Nanshan of China’s National Health Commission informed reporters onMonday …

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