Tuesday , May 21 2019
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SGA executive board positions have open applications for the first time

Applications close Thursday at 5 p.m. 

“SGA has always done a really good job at thinking outside of the people we know and really reaching out to a lot of organizations,” Turton said. 

The executive team is compromised of chief of staff, executive secretary, executive vice president of initiatives, executive vice president of programs, executive vice president of outreach and executive vice president of communications and marketing.  

“There is a value in the students who have been involved in SGA and have really understood processes and the ways to implement those things,” Turton said. “We’re not necessarily trying to bring in all new perspectives. Our executive team already, Carlos and Hunter, have great outside perspectives from outside SGA. We just wanted to make sure that anyone who was interested, willing and that desire to serve had the opportunity to at least be considered.”

When SGA President Dane Block and the other officers selected their executive board, it did not have black representation. However, Block said the lack of representation was not intentional, but was diverse in other ways. 

The board has three women, and one member, Jordan Kramer, is gay. The two previous administrations had at least one black member. 

These positions are responsible for heading the divisions in SGA cabinet. They also represent SGA at various events.

All candidates selected must be approved by the Student Senate. 

Together, the executive officers and executive vice presidents will select the rest of cabinet, which has over 70 members. 

All new positions in SGA will be official on March 3.