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ROI on Education

July 18, 2019

To the Editor:

The school year is over, and it is time for parents to weigh their children’s education options. With so much change and uncertainty facing our island school systems, I encourage families to consider the possibilities.

Why pay for an independent school education for your child when your tax dollars already provide this benefit? For the thousands of independent school families, it usually comes down to the ROI: Return on Investment.

• Invest in the early years. This is when parents learn to partner with teachers to leverage curiosity and creativity. This is when children discover the joy of learning.

• All parents want their schools to be safe. Independent schools create communities where children are taught to look out for one another, where it is OK to be smart, where the norm is to ask questions and take risks.

Independent schools are fully accredited, but are not subject to state or federal mandates for testing. We are free to shape the programs to produce genuine learning and accomplishment, not district-wide test scores.

• Finally, we are mission-driven schools, and in our case, we have created a culture where children learn with confidence, lead with character and ultimately achieve lasting success.Invest in the early years, and the later years, the ROI, will take care of itself.

James P. Heus, head of school, St. Michael’s Country Day School Newport