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‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’: Jennifer slammed for calling Jackie ‘stingy’, fans sense ‘anti-Semitism’

It is no secret that Jennifer Aydin of ‘Real Housewives of New Jersey’ enjoys the finer things in life and ensures that everybody around her gets to experience it too.

So it came as no surprise when she attended her fellow housewife Jackie Goldschneider’s children‘s birthday and found it underwhelming when only pizza and cake were served. She began comparing that party to the party she threw for her own children, which according to her was the “party of the year“. In the previous episode, it came to her knowledge that Jackie is an extremely wealthy woman.

So Jennifer just could not understand why Jackie did not throw an extravagant party for her children when she had the means to do so. She expresses all this to another fellow housewife Margaret Josephs. When Margaret tries defending Jackie, Jennifer squashes all her explanations and justifications and simply labels Jackie as “stingy”.
Fans were left fuming after watching Jennifer call Jackie “stingy” and took to their social media to call her out. A fan tweeted, “Jennifer… Jackie is not being stingy. This is called raising your kids to value things more important than money! Your kids will grow up thinking money is the most important thing and her kids will grow up valuing family and appreciate everything they have! Ur so stupid #rhonj.”


Another fan wrote, “Jennifer, just because everything Jackie owns isn’t Chanel and she doesn’t go overboard on her kid‘s birthday parties doesn’t mean she’s stingy or cheap. Stop counting that lady’s money. Damn. #RHONJ #BravoTV.”

“Wow, now Jen is accusing Jackie of being stingy. Jen enjoys showing off, gets intimidated when someone has more than her and when she’s not being spoiled with labels, she feels more insecure. What a poor soul #RHONJ,” said another fan.
Few fans pointed out how it was “rich” of Jennifer to call the hostess of her free Hamptons vacation “stingy”. “I’ll just say it’s rich to call @JGSchneid stingy WHILE she’s hosting an entire Hamptons vacation for you for…free #RHONJ,” pointed out a fan. Another fan echoed similar thoughts with, “Stingy? Really? She invited you to her home to stay, eat, and drink, how is that not generous? She is just smarter with money than you @JenniferAydin. She doesn’t need 16 bathrooms and a house that looks like a cheap Chinese made Taj Mahal. #RHONJ.”

Some fans felt that Jennifer was being “anti-Semitic” for calling the only Jewish housewife “stingy”, and perpetuating the stereotype.

A fan wrote, “Oh god can we not call the only Jewish cast member of #RHONJ “stingy”. First there were comments about her upbringing being “different” and now this. Y’all aren’t slick.”

Another fan shared, “Jennifer’s little stingy comment is a total anti-Semitic jab at Jackie. She’s Jewish so must be cheap.  #rhonj.” “Something feels a little icky that the only Jewish woman on the show is being called cheap and stingy… #RHONJ #WWHL,” expressed an uncomfortable fan.

“@JenniferAydin… referring to a Jewish person as “cheap” and “stingy” is some hardcore racist bullshit and that attitude is responsible for some of the most hideous atrocities known to mankind. Be smarter. You want you children to have a racist for a mom? #antisemite  #RHONJ,” wrote a fan.
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