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Real Housewives Of Cheshire stars are branded ‘trashy’ for asking a restaurant for a free meal

Real Housewives Of Cheshire stars are branded ‘trashy’ for asking a restaurant for a free meal and drinks in exchange for social media posts (despite their husbands’ millions)Dawn Ward, Rachel Lugo and Perla, from Cheshire, all star in the RHOC on ITVbe Representative approached an independent restaurant looking for freebies Chester wine bar Covino shared the email on Twitter, which quickly went viral Thousands slammed the reality TV stars, branding them ‘trashy’  

Stars of The Real Housewives of Cheshire have been slammed online after their representatives were caught out asking for freebies in exchange for social media posts.

Covino, a wine bar and restaurant in Cheshire, shared a screenshot on Twitter of an email its management had received, asking for a free meal and drinks for three of the stars, Dawn Ward, Rachel Lugo and Perla Navia.

Followers were not impressed by the ‘trashy’ request, with one commenting: ‘Absolute state of this, begging letter to a small business so millionaires can have a free dinner.’

Dawn lives in a £15 million mansion with ex-footballer husband Ashley Ward, who is now a property developer, and has her own non-surgical aesthetics clinic. 

Rachel Lugo lives in a Grade II listed mansion in the exclusive Alderley Edge area with her property entrepreneur husband, John, while Perla’s husband Jonathan Barton owns a £60M food services business. 

Rachel Lugo, left, and Perla Navia, right, were two of the stars who were slammed online for requesting a free meal in exchange for social media posts 

One wrote: ‘What trashy sounding people, did anyone else have to Google those three to see who they are?’ 

The wine bar shared the email alongside a vomiting emoji, indicating that they weren’t keen on the idea either.

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The email read: ‘Real Housewives of Cheshire stars, Dawn Ward, Rachel Lugo and Perla will be in Chester later today and I was wondering whether you would be interested in offering a complimentary dinner and drinks in return for social media posts?’

It went on: ‘All ladies have a large following and would be able to promote the restaurant.’ 

The owner of the wine bar in Chester shared the email with his followers, and it quickly went viral, receiving 4,912 likes

It went on to explain that they would be looking for a table around 7pm for 5 people – suggesting they were hoping to bring along others who did not star on the programme. 

The show, which has been on air since 2015, follows the lives of wealthy ‘housewives‘ living in the Cheshire area. 

Popular cast member Dawn, 45, is one of the most famous from the programme, having starred in the show since the first series.

She has more than 300,000 followers on Instagram, where she shows off her lavish life.   

Dawn Ward (far left) has starred in the programme since the first series, and was one of the housewives mentioned requesting a freebie meal from the Cheshire restaurant 

Dawn Ward is an original cast member of the show, and has starred in all nine series. She’s married to ex-footballer Ashley Ward and lives in a £15 million mansion

Meanwhile Rachel and Perla are newer additions to the show,  and both have smaller followings, with the latter having only 43,000. 

Another commented: ‘Imagine being a Real Housewife? I think the word ‘real’ is being used ironically.’ 

‘Maybe their husbands don’t want them spending their family allowance on lettuce and Prosecco?’

One commented: ‘A table for 5 people with complimentary food and drinks?! Are they having a laugh?!’  

Social media users were stunned by the revelations, and took to social media to slam the housewives for their freebie request 




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