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Ranking the Real Housewives of Atlanta

The Real Housewives of Atlanta are having a rough season, but some are still shining more than others. We put together a complete Power Ranking of your favorite Georgia Peaches!

The ladies of the Real Housewives of Atlanta have been very good to us over the years. Housewives such as Nene Leakes and Porsha Williams have provided us with hilarious moments for many seasons. However, this season has been noticeably less exciting than previous installments. Perhaps it’s the addition of two new wives. Or perhaps the issue lies in the exit of Kenya Moore. Regardless of the why, we want to rank these wives and give credit to the ones making the season worth watching.

6. Shamari DeVoe

Season(s) Active: 1 (Current Season)

We need more from Shamari. She’s just not making an impression at all. It’s been weeks since she’s done anything noteworthy. Also, her only major moment of the season was a feud with someone who isn’t even a full-time cast member. We’re not impressed whatsoever. When the only thing exciting about you is your past open relationship, you aren’t cut out for this show.

5. Cynthia Bailey 

Season(s) Active: 9 (3-11)

Look, we LOVE Cynthia. A lot. She is drop dead gorgeous, successful, and very levelheaded. That being said, levelheaded never made a great Real Housewife. Most viewers watch to see messy women get into squabbles over petty things. It is what it is. Drama sells and unfortunately Cynthia gives us none. Literally ever. The only drama that Cynthia provided for the most part was her marital issues with Peter. She did briefly have a very dark and very random feud with Nene Leakes, but we like to forget that ever happened. However the Real Housewives of Atlanta fans will always hold a special place in their heart for Ms. Bailey.

4. Kandi Burrus

Season(s) Active: 10 (2-11)

Kandi has never been the most standout star on the Real Housewives of Atlanta, but lately her storyline has been so dark. A lot of her story revolves around her not being super present in her children’s lives, and of course the Porsha Williams drama. She’s been around longer than any other Atlanta wife besides Nene Leakes, but hasn’t made the same splash. We admire her business savy, but WE NEED MORE. Allegedly setting up a pregnant Porsha Williams to look bad is not the drama we want though. The problem with Atlanta is that there are either super dark storylines or super petty ones. No in between. This isn’t really Kandi’s problem, but she isn’t as interesting this season as others on the list.

3. Eva Marcille 

Season(s) Active: 1 (Current Season)

Last season Eva made an instant splash as a friend of show. Her connection to Nene Leakes and desire to get involved in Cynthia’s relationship is that messy that we live for. We were completely shocked when she left Nene out of her bachelorette celebration in Miami but invited Porsha Williams instead. She is eternally messy, but seems to always forget the shade she throws. Eva has laid it all out there this season in her personal life as well. Whether it be squabbling with her mother or the death of her grandfather, Eva is transparent and open. This is her first season, and she’s already delivering on a high level. We think that by next season she will rank much higher on our list.

2. Nene Leakes

Season(s) Active: 9 (1-7, 10-11)

THE QUEEN HONEY YAASSS. Nene Leakes is the highest of the royal court on the Real Housewives of Atlanta. There is nothing Nene hasn’t done on this show. Catchphrases? Bloop. Epic feuds? How you doing Kim and Sheree? Personal struggles? She’s divorced Greg, married him again, and helped him fight cancer over her tenure as a Housewife. Normally Nene would top our list but Porsha Williams is SLAYING this season, and Nene is otherwise occupied with Greg’s cancer journey. Nene doesn’t seem her usual self which is totally understandable. She doesnt have the same fire this season as she has had in the past. However, in a pretty dull season even a less dynamic Nene is still going to place high on our ranking.

1. Porsha Williams

Season(s) Active: 6 (5-6, 8-11)

Porsha Williams is here to STAY. Nene has a lengthy reign as Queen of Atlanta, but Porsha has SNATCHED that crown this season. The entire season seems to revolve around Porsha Williams. Every other word out of everyone’s mouth is Porsha. Every other scene is about Porsha. Porsha is dominating the show with her personal story, feud with Kandi, and her hilarious confessionals. She’s been through a lot and even lost her peach at one point, but what a comeback she’s made. With Kenya gone this season, it seems like Porsha has one less obstacle in her way and can shine. For us there was NO other choice for the top star of The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Although Nene Leakes did come close.