Sunday , January 26 2020
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Only two bosses are women at Australia’s biggest companies

Grim new statistics have revealed that we still have a long way to go in Australia before we come close to achieving equality in the workplace between binary genders if the big businesses are anything to go off.

Of the 25 bosses appointed at Australia’s top 200 companies in 2019, only two were women (Macquarie Group and Spark New Zealand Limited), with 17 companies having no women in their executive leadership teams.

You can find the research at the CEW site here

The annual census by Chief Executive Women (CEW) criticised this “slow” progress, with president Sue Morphet noting that “there are some figures saying that we’ll be waiting about 80 years for it to be equal.

“My granddaughter will be 84 by the time we have equal representation.”

CEW President Sue Morphet

Ms Morphet noted that many companies felt they could check a box by appointing women to rolls outside the top leadership group.

“We have to be mindful that boards just don’t bring women in and say ‘we’ve got one woman and we’re going to pop her in human resources and then we’ve done the job”, she warned.

“They do give up because they just can’t see that women make it to the top.”