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Mansion Sells For Only $1.45M

The sale price of a Prospect Hill mansion dropped nearly $95,000 in a decade a half, in one of the city’s recent property transactions.

According to the city’s property records database, Ohm Mohan Deshpande and Hamita Sachar bought the red brick, two-and-a-half-story mansion at 123 Ogden St. for $1.45 million on May 23 from Alison Kate Schiefflin.

The 1928-built five-bedroom, four-bathroom single family house last sold for $1,544,440 in 2005. The year before that, the house sold for less than half that amount: $700,000.

The city assessor last appraised the building as worth $1,374,900.

The Ogden Street mansion wasn’t the only Prospect Hill residence to top the $1 million mark in the city’s recent property sales.

On March 18, Orazio Attanasio and Maria Delgado purchased the two-and-a-quarter-story single-family house at 140 Edgehill Rd. for $1.1 million from Thach Pham and Karin Render Pham. The house last sold for $633,674 in 2004. The city assessor last appraised the house as worth $781,800.

In other East Rock property news, the local property management company Hadley Inc. secured a $28.5 million commercial loan from Washington Trust’s Commercial Real Estate Group, according to a press release put out by the Rhode Island-based bank on Wednesday. Hadley, which is owned by Allen Hadelman, owns 383 apartments in nine different buildings in New Haven and five different buildings in West Haven.

Just two miles away, holding companies associated with a subsidiary of the Connecticut Center for Arts Technology (ConnCAT) purchased two more Dixwell Plaza condos for a combined sum of $1.1 million. The subsidiary, ConnCORP, has been buying up the various condos in the mid-century Dixwell Plaza shopping strip over the past year as part of its larger plans to rebuild the block. ConnCAT CEO Erik Clemons did not respond to a request for comment by the publication time of this article.

On May 15, the holding company 206-208 Dixwell Avenue LLC, of which ConnCAT’s Carlton Highsmith is listed as manager, purchased the 10-unit condo at 206-208 Dixwell Ave. for $750,000 from Nizar Sidi. The condo last sold for $250,000 in 2002.

On that same day, the holding company 172 Dixwell Avenue LLC, which also lists Highsmith as manager, purchased the one-unit condo at 172 Dixwell Ave. for $250,000 from Grant Taylor Associates LLC, a holding company owned by Karim Sidi. That property last sold for $24,450 in 2005.

In other recent property transaction news, an Austin, Texas.-based holding company called Savir NH Holdings A LLC spent a combined sum of $1.15 million buying 15 apartments in three buildings in West River and Newhallville from Darien-based landlord Kenneth Barclay.

On May 15, Savir bought the seven-unit apartment house at 514 George St. for $560,000, the four family house at 518 George St. for $320,000, and the four-family house at 186 Sheffield Ave. for $270,000.

In West River, North Haven-based landlord Robert Kesselman bought two more condos in the Westview Condo complex for a combined sum of $57,000.

And the local property megalandlord Mandy Management added 14 more apartments in six different buildings in Newhallville, Edgewood, and West River to its holdings.

On March 8, Menahem Edelkoph purchased the four-family house at 32 Vine St. from Wells Fargo Bank for $165,000, and then quit claimed it to a Mandy-owned holding company, Netz-TE LLC.

On April 3, Edelkopf purchased the single-family house at 93 Elliot St. from Denise Lockwood for $70,000, and then quit claimed it to Netz-TE LLC.

On May 8, Edelkopf purchased the four-family house at 115-117 Carmel St. from Janey Dawson for $125,500, and then quit claimed it to the Mandy-owned holding company Real Estate Netz Group XI LLC.

On May 10, Edelkopf purchased the two-family house at 133 Hobart St. for $90,000 from Susan Moss, and then quit claimed it to Netz-TE LLC.

On May 14, Mandy property manager Yehuda Gurevitch purchased the single-family house at 48 Pond St. for $95,000 from Tomica Sessions.

And on May 15, Gurevitch purchased the two-family house at 469 Huntington St. from Hatwil Properties LLC, a holding company owned by Hattie Allen, for $135,000.

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