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Gavin Newsom’s kids: A look at California’s new first family

Governor-elect Gavin Newsom and his wife, Jennifer Siebel Newsom, were joined onstage at their Election Night party by three of their four children.

They have two girls and two boys:

Montana Tessa, age 9. Her first name commemorates the site of her parents’ wedding, and her second name is that of her paternal grandmother.

Hunter, age 7. His middle name was not included in his public birth announcement. As for the first name, his mother has said only that it is her favorite for a boy.

Brooklynn Stacia, age 5. The name combines those of two of her mother’s sisters — Brooke and Stacia — and Siebel Newsom’s own middle name, Lynn.

Dutch William, age 2. Dutch is for the Placer County town of Dutch Flat, where Gavin Newsom’s father had a home. William is the name of the boy’s paternal grandfather.

All of the children have Siebel as a second middle name.

Gavin Newsom is 51, and his wife is 44. They were married in 2008. It was his second marriage, her first.

Arnold Schwarzenegger’s children were a few years older — ages 6 to 13 — when he first won office in 2003, as were Earl Warren’s, who were 7 to 12 when he was sworn in.

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