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Ana Kriégel’s clothing damaged by force, court told

Two items of clothing worn by 14-year-old Ana Kriégel, whose body was found in a derelict house in Lucan in May last year, were extensively damaged using force, the Central Criminal Court has heard.
A forensic scientist has also told the court that semen found on one of the items, matched DNA samples from one of the boys accused of her murder and aggravated sexual assault and from the schoolgirl herself. 

Male DNA from a third source, in the semen, could not be interpreted. 

Two 14-year-old boys have pleaded not guilty to murdering Ana in a derelict house in Lucan on 14 May 2018.

The first accused boy has also denied violently sexually assaulting her.

Marce Lee Gorman from Forensic Science Ireland told the court she examined clothing worn by Ana and found near her body, for damage and to check for the presence of semen and blood. 

The first item she examined was a black vest top found in the room where Ana’s body was discovered.  She said she found semen on two areas of the top – on the upper right shoulder area and on the back hem area. 

The right strap of the top was stretched, the left strap had snapped and the right side of the top was torn from top to bottom. The court heard force would have been required to cause this damage. 

Ms Lee Gorman told the court that she examined the semen and found a mixed DNA profile. She said it contained full DNA profiles matching that of the first accused boy and Ana and they could not be excluded as the main contributors to this DNA.

She said semen was the primary source of the DNA but because the item of clothing was worn close to Ana’s body, she would have expected some of her cells to leech in. 

She said it was more than a thousand million times more likely that the DNA came from Ana, Boy A and an unknown person rather than from three unknown people. 

The DNA found from the third person or “trace contributor” was not suitable for interpretation she said. She could not determine when the semen was deposited. But it was there since the top was last washed. 

Ms Lee Gorman also examined Ana’s white bra, which was shown to the court. She said the fabric joining both cups had been totally pulled apart and torn. She said it would have taken a lot of manipulation, tugging and pulling to separate.

Two hooks at the back were stretched and bent and Ms Lee Gorman said force would also have been required to cause this damage. 

The bra was bloodstained and dirty.

Ms Lee Gorman said she took samples from the damaged portions of the bra to check for the presence of DNA. 

She told the court she found a mixed profile containing a major and a minor DNA profile. The major profile matched Ana Kriégel’s DNA – she said the minor profile was male but further profiling was not able to develop anything further.

Blood staining on the bra matched Ana’s own DNA. 

The court also heard there was blood staining on the sleeve of a hoodie worn by the schoolgirl. Her underwear and leggings looked as if they had been removed, or pulled off together, Ms Lee Gorman said.