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5 Tips Business Travelers Must Know Before Their Next Flight

As if the forty plus hour week isn’t enough to exhaust the average business person, the hours spent traveling to and from business meetings, presentations, desksides, or face-to-face chats are enough to inspire dreams of early retirement. Burn out is as much an occupational hazard as carpal tunnel syndrome or newly polished office floors.

That’s why Chardell Robinson, travel expert and manager of business travel sales at Cadence, a Virtuoso host agency and branch of Tzell Travel Group, thinks every business traveler must know five tips before hopping onto their next flight.

             Keep track of the essentials— Use a smartphone app like Tile or Chipolo to keep track of important items like your wallet and keys—and if you’re traveling internationally, plan as if you’ll lose your passport. Make yourself aware of passport agencies, know where the closest U.S. embassy is located in your destination, carry and leave behind additional photocopies of your passport, and add an “if found” note. Should one of your essentials get lost or stolen, you’ll be prepared.

             Breeze through security— One of the most time consuming (but necessary) processes of travel is TSA—breeze through it with resources like the TSA’s Security Screening page. Use it as a refresher on what is (and isn’t) allowed in your carry-on to ensure you don’t get pulled aside for carrying on a shampoo bottle that’s too big. You can also sign up for TSA PreCheck or Global Entry, which is sometimes covered by companies for their most frequent travelers.  Another fantastic resource is the MyTSA App—one key feature is crowd populated security checkpoint wait-times so travelers can plan accordingly.

             Leverage your smartphone—From the palm of our hands, we have unlimited content for our digital consumption, and an app for pretty much anything— even simply hovering our phones over a register is now considered a secure business transaction.  So how does the rising use of mobile come into play for keeping business travelers happy while providing oversight to their organization? It’s all about staying relevant with modern business travel solutions.

             Get into a routine— If you’re traveling often, accumulate knowledge of your destinations and use it to your advantage. In other words, learn from experience and remember when lines get long, or where to grab a quick coffee or bit to eat can save you precious time. Also, most major airports have detailed maps of vendor services allowing you to review before you go so you’re not wandering the terminals looking for Starbucks.
             Practice self-care, no matter how busy you are— Even at your busiest, wellness comes first. Meditate to reduce the stress of travels with simple guided meditation apps like Simple Habit or Headspace. These simple tools can be used literally anywhere, including in your seat on the plane, stuck out on the tarmac!

Chardell Robinson, a former Hilton Worldwide Sales Manager, is currently working and living in the San Diego, CA area. She has worked for Cadence Travel Management since January, 2016.