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19 Baby Name Tattoos for Parents to Celebrate Their Babies

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Naming our babies is — for many — one of the most exciting parts of having a baby. Getting to affect the ultimate stamp of identity is an incredible responsibility that should be humbling and deeply sincere. This is the name, the very sound even, that our beloved children are going to hear constantly for the rest of their lives — at least until they potentially decide to change it much further down the line. With the impact we have on our children in naming, it can be easy to get overwhelmed by the opportunity. However, what we should be doing is channeling that energy into excitement and celebration — for every bit about this that can be nerve-wracking, there are just as many exciting bits.

With that, what better way to celebrate our babies’ names than with tattoos? They’re the ultimate in permanent, confident emotional expression, after all. It should come as no surprise how many we managed to find here, but also just how many are rather similar to others in the same list. It’s interesting just how many baby name tattoos follow the same themes — probably more than any theme we’ve tackled so far. There must be something unifying these people, and we think we know what it might be: cuteness. Readers should keep that in mind as they peruse the next 19 tattoos all about baby names.

The Tree of Life


We love this piece for its gorgeous watercolor technique as well as its theme regarding the Tree of Life. The dot work surrounding the piece is also excellent, thanks to artist Klara Stacova of Czechia or the Czech Republic.

Adorable Elephants


This tattoo is simply adorable in every way. From the cutesy elephants holding trunks together to the cursive used, this one of the cutest examples of expert line work we’ve seen. Thanks to the San Diego-based artist known as CeeZ for this one.

A Sketch of Motherly Love


This piece is simple and subtle but ultimately inspiring, thanks again to artist Klara Stacova of Czechia or the Czech Republic. We love how the entire tattoo looks as if wrought from a single line of ink, and it’s just too darn cute.

A Floral Moniker


“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” We all know the famous Shakespeare quote, and here it is personified with the name of a child. Thanks to Toby Sarah on Instagram for this excellent tattoo.

A Footprint Tribute


Here’s a clever way to get all of the details around that baby’s birth crammed into a single piece of ink shaped like a cute little baby’s foot — or, as many call them, “tootsies.” This tattoo by an artist known as Thirteen3 Tattoo on Instagram features everything about this baby one could imagine, from their full name to their birth date, weight, and length.

An Artsy Elephant


We like this piece for both its sheer cuteness and the watercolor technique on display. Inked by an artist known as Toni Faris, the line and dot work here combine to make a truly adorable piece of ink, made only cuter by some lovely splashes of color.

A Name on the Straight Narrow


An artist known as Didz Noakes out of the UK inked this incredibly straightforward piece for a mother looking to pay tribute to her son. It’s a beautifully symmetrical piece that simply commemorates a name and birth date.

Classic Strawberry Baby Name


We’ve always been fans of classic American-style tattoos, and this artist found a way to make a baby name piece work with a traditional-look strawberry. The result is that it looks super slick while paying homage to someone’s baby, thanks to Dan Golebiewski of Indiana.

Straight Up With a Star


This piece is easy to appreciate for its attractive cursive topped off with a cute-looking star that almost looks … fluffy? Maybe we’re just overwhelmed by how quaint this piece is, thanks to Rachel Fox in Wales.

A Name Is an Imprint


This tried and true piece is an excellent display of line work by Sahil Patel, simply presenting a pair of baby’s feet above a baby’s name. We also appreciate how long this piece must have taken and how painful it must have been, what with all of that fill-in ink needed.

A Name in Bloom


Here’s another piece featuring a flower with a baby’s name as the stem, this time a sunflower with a more figurative or symbolic approach. We don’t know who is responsible for this one, but we do know that it’s nevertheless inspiring.

An Uplifting Baby Name


This may be yet another tattoo featuring an elephant, but people can’t knock a solid trope. We’re unsure of where this one came from, but the theme is a clever idea, featuring the name within the balloon — and it’s just plain cute.

A Gorgeously Rendered Rose


This is definitely another basic piece, but it’s expertly executed by an artist known as simply Menz Tattoo Iloilo on Instagram. We love the level of detail here, and the absolute richness of the colors. The cursive work is spot-on as well.

Another Flower Name Tattoo — With a Bonus Baby


Yes, we know: It’s another baby name tattoo with a flower on it, but hear us out. This one has a literal baby in it, and it’s an adorable one at that. It’s unknown who is responsible for this piece, but it’s an excellent example of black-and-white line work.

A Name in Print


Get it? As in … footprints? We’ll keep our day job. At any rate, this is another fantastic example of both lettering and line work, showing expertise in both. Note the realistic marks in the footprints where the arches would rise. This is a fine basic piece Manthan Shah.

Giving a Name to a Mother‘s Embrace


This here is an excellent piece of truly sketch-style ink that we just can’t get over. From the amount of detail to the emotion captured in the tattoo, we’re in love with this one. This is an incredibly inspiring piece by UK-based artist Stephen Ramage, the likes of which we haven’t seen yet on this list.

Two Handfuls of Color


This is one of the most original tattoos we’ve seen on this list, taking the outlines of a child‘s hands and filling them with her favorite colors. Done by an artist based in a studio called Inkedwall in Seoul, this is another inspiring piece of expert line work — note the baby’s name being written with the same line as the hand that’s been drawn.

This Baby Must ‘Bee’ All the Buzz


Little Zuri named in this tattoo must be one lucky kid, for a parent to get a tattoo commemorating the little one’s name — and a beautiful one at that. We love the adorable, little line work in this one, and the cursive is gorgeous. Good job, All Wolves No Sheep in Brooklyn.

Combining the Techniques


This tattoo includes just about every theme and technique we’ve seen, featuring line work, color, cursive, and even little footprints. Done by Naina Jain Chandani in India, this is also a clever piece for using the “M” in the second child‘s name as a heart or life line symbol.

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