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15-year-old boy gaining national support after his parents die weeks apart



A Kentucky boy lost his mother and father in a matter of weeks, and now, he is gaining attention on a national scale.

Late last month, Dakota Summer’s dad, Daniel Summer, died by suicide in his Fort Thomas, Kentucky home.

Less than three weeks later, Dakota’s mother died after a battle with breast cancer. Jennifer Summer was 41.

“I never expected to lose both parents. I was prepared for one of them, but I wasn’t prepared for the other,” Dakota said.

Although a time of unimaginable pain for Dakota and his family, it has also been filled with love, hope and far-reaching support.

Jennifer Summer’s heartfelt obituary is now touching people nationwide, even gaining national attention from the TODAY Show on Thursday.

It describes Jennifer as a woman who said I love you often, and made friends daily. It said she was a free spirit, artist, and lover of mermaids.

Above anything else, though, being a mother was her greatest joy.

“People we don’t know we get cards from, we have no idea who they are, saying what a difference Jennifer made in their life,” said Jennifer‘s aunt Debbie Reker.

Reker will be taking care of Dakota going forward. She was Jennifer‘s main caregiver during her cancer battle.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help Dakota and his great aunt adjust to their new life situation.

Dakota said this has taught him to not sweat the small stuff, and to only take with him the good both of his parents left behind.

“They were just good parents,” Dakota said. “What seemed like such a big deal like maybe a year ago really doesn’t matter anymore, because now there’s real things happening.”

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