Pothos has a Yellow Leaf: Cause and How to Fix It

If pothos has a yellow leaf, it means it needs help, so let’s see the cause and how to fix it.

So many people have a passion for plants. If you are also among those many, then you will know very well that every plant is different from another, that it has very specific characteristics that you need to know in order to take the best care of it. Some plants are harder than others, that need more care than others.

Also, there are plants that do well in the garden and plants that do better indoors. Among houseplants, we can find, for example, pothos. This is a climbing plant that is much loved for its heart-shaped leaves. Even if you take the best care of it, some inconveniences may happen. For example, have you ever noticed the presence of a yellow leaf?

Even if the yellow leaf is only one, this still means that your plant needs help. Let’s see what may have happened and how to remedy this situation.

Pothos has yellow leaves

Pothos with yellow leaves: the possible problem and treatment

There can be more than one cause behind the presence of yellow leaves. Let’s look at them below:

Too small pot

Roots grow, and if the pot is too small to contain them they will suffer and make this clear with the presence of a yellow leaf. You must remember that pothos in particular should be repotted once a year by taking a slightly larger pot.

Low light

Putting it in the dark is a serious detriment, this plant needs indirect sunlight so it needs to be in a bright room and you must be careful to turn the plant a few times so that it can absorb light entirely and not just a part.

What Is the Best Place for Pothos?

Needs fertilizer

From March to September, in its flowering season, you should try to provide nutrients, such as nitrogen and potassium.

Too much light

A leaf may be yellow, especially at the edges with brown spots, when it has taken too much light. As we said pothos loves light, but indirect light not direct sunlight. The solution is to move it or provide protection. If you’re interested in growing pothos plants in a room with limited light, take a look at our article on growing pothos in a bathroom without windows.

If you follow these instructions, the problem will recede. Of course, if it doesn’t, it means that the plant is sick and you need to contact an expert who will be able to show you the most correct solution.