Sunday , May 26 2019
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Women finally get a menstruation emoji

Included among this release are emoji for hearing aids, manual and motorized wheelchairs, prosthetic legs and arms, white “probing” canes used by the blind and vision impaired, service dogs, and guide dogs. This latest batch of emoji will also see one representing a woman’s period. The menstruation emoji was one fought for by Plan International U.K., a girls’ rights charity that held an online vote for what such an emoji should look like, reports the BBC.

While the vote decided menstruation should be represented with an emoji that was a pair of underwear marked with blood, that idea was rejected by the Unicode Consortium. Instead, the new menstruation emoji will take the form of a single drop of blood, an alternative Plan International U.K. supports.

In addition, new emoji in the latest batch include a yawning face, a person kneeling, a sloth, an otter, an orangutan, a skunk, a flamingo, garlic, a waffle, a falafel, a Hindu temple, ballet shoes, a diya lamp, and more.