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Whitney Woerz Debuts Empowering New Music Video For ‘Love Me Not’ — Watch

The music video for Whitney Woerz’s newest hit, ‘Love Me Not,’ is finally here, and HollywoodLife is premiering it EXCLUSIVELY right here! Check it out!

Whitney Woerz is back with a music video for her song “Love Me Not,” and you can watch the EXCLUSIVE premiere below! In the video, the 18-year-old plays a 1940s housewife, serving her husband’s every ne! By the end, though, it’s him in the housewife role, while she lounges around and enjoys her freedom. “This video is about female empowerment,” Whitney told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY. “It shows how women were viewed, what they did back in the 40s, and how male-centered their lives were. We see the stereotypical 40s housewife cooking, serving, vacuuming etc., while the husband sits there expecting it.”

Eventually, the video takes a turn to show a woman in the present day, who has a much different life. “She’s confident, free, not afraid to be herself and not letting a man control her life,” Whitney explained. “This disconnect becomes apparent when the 40s character is physically pulling the strings of the modern woman like a puppet. The present-day woman is upset and cuts through the strings of society throughout the shots of the 40s woman. Once she finally breaks free, we follow her doing all of the things the 40s woman was doing, but in different ways — ways that show power and the act of not caring what people and society think, and breaking the stereotype that women belong in the kitchen.”

Love Me Not” was released in August, and the lyric video quickly went viral, amassing more than 40 million views on YouTube in just two months. Whitney is currently a senior at LaGuardia High School of the Performing Arts in New York, and is known for releasing songs that are relatable to teenagers like her.

Whitney’s previous singles include “Idea Of Her” and “Ghost Story,” the video for which was directed by an Academy Award-nominated director. You can check out our EXCLUSIVE premiere of the “Love Me Not” video above!