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Whitney Port Shares Her Secrets To Looking Flawless While Traveling With A Kid

<p class="color-body light-text”>Whitney Port manages to look like she stepped off the runway while traveling.


Whitney Port certainly has a packed schedule. Not only does she host a podcast and star on a reality show but she’s also a model and lifestyle expert. So, traveling is part of her job. She’s also the mom to a two-year-old son named Sonny who she loves to take on the road with her. And like most working moms, maintaining a healthy routine and keeping a toddler entertained on-the-go is challenging. But somehow “The Hills” star manages to look red-carpet ready and stress-free when jet setting.

So, when I learned that she teamed up with KeVita kombucha to create travel guides on maintaining overall wellness while traveling (including her must-pack items for any adventure), I had to find out her secrets. Here’s what she told me about looking flawless while traveling with a kid.

Q: I would love to hear a little bit about the partnership with KeVita. Why did you decide to partner with them?

A: I have been a fan of KeVita for a year. It has always been so hard for me to stay hydrated and drink a lot of water just because like I just don’t love water. Every New Years, one of my major resolutions is to drink more water. But KeVita is great because it’s super hydrating but also taste really good and they’re sparkling. So, they give you that like satisfaction. Plus, if you’re going to drink something, why not drink something that has so many great things in it for you like probiotics? And it’s great for travel. So it was just a natural partnership.

Q: Besides staying hydrated, what are some of your other top tips for staying healthy while traveling?

A: I always try to leave extra time to walk places. I go on a lot of work trips and to explore the city instead of just working the whole time. I’ll try to get ready a little bit earlier and walk to my destination. I get to take in the sights but also get like a little bit of a workout.

Q: What about your diet?

A: I try to eat everything in moderation. I do feel like travel is one of those times where you should take advantage of the city’s culture and taste the great food. But I think it’s also important to not overdo it. So, have a really big breakfast, but then maybe tone down on the snacking.

Q: You have a two-year-old son too! What are your tips for traveling with a toddler?

A: It’s challenging for sure. I think one of my number one with kids is to really stay on their schedule. The first time traveling with him, I wanted to enjoy my vacation. So, I figured I could just let Sonny nap in the stroller if he got tired. We went out on a boat right away during what would be his normal nap time, and he freaked out. We had to turn around and go back. I realized that you do have to stay on their schedule and attempt some sort of a routine so that they don’t have a meltdown. And on the plane, sometimes you need to break out the iPad. I preload episodes of Sesame Street or Daniel Tiger.

Q: When you’re planning a trip, how to plan an itinerary to make it enjoyable for the whole family?

A: For Sonny, it’s all about being able to run around the street. When kids are traveling, it’ so much just being locked on the plane or stroller or carrier. So I think it’s really important to plan times of the days where you can have them run around and like let them get their sillies out. Find open spaces or museums where they can just run around. If you’re going to take your kid on a trip, you have to know that it’s not about what you guys want to do and your priorities. Theirs have to come first, and that’s, that’s the trip that you’re going on. It’s just a sacrifice that you have to make.

Q: Even with your hands full, you always manage to look great stepping off a plane. What’s your secret?

A: Honestly, I don’t wear makeup on the plane. Everybody says the air is dirty and your skin gets so clogged. For me, it’s more of like a mental thing. I feel like it’s just the time when it shouldn’t matter kind of how you look. So, give your skin a rest. Other than that, it’s the time I take a break.