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We Found Proof Braunwyn Windham-Burke’s Mom, Dr. Deb, Is, Well, a Doctor

In a recent interview with The Daily Dish, Braunwyn Windham-Burke applauded her mom Dr. Deb’s achievements while reflecting on their sometimes-“complicated” relationship: “I love my mom so much and really respect the fact that, as a single mom, she supported us and worked hard to become a doctor.”

And now fans might be wondering a bit more about The Real Housewives of Orange County mama, who is getting everyone’s attention with her wild style (like that “medicine woman” necklace) and free-spirited attitude. Well, here’s what we know:

According to her Instagram bio, Dr. Deb is a “Medicine Woman/ trusted Elder/ Family Practice M.D.-UCLA med/ RHOC Mom/ Playful life coach/ Sacred medicines/ BADASS woman/ Pro-aging activist.”

And while these days she opts to rock multicolored hair and a Burning Man-ready wardrobe on the regular, she has provided evidence of some of the more traditional choices she’s made in the past in the form of a photo in which she’s wearing her white coat. So, yes, Dr. Deb really is a doctor.

“Finding my past life while cleaning out the closet! ‘Deborah Windham MD Family Practice.’ What do ya do with something like this? I wore these for over 25 years,” she captioned the photo. “I practice medicine waaayy differently now, advocating psychedelics when I used to warn patients of them, a victim of my own western training! Nothing but memories… thrift shop? Trash? #whattodo #desicions #decluttering #movingsoon #clearing outthehouse #organize #repurpose #medicine #doctor #doctorcoat #whitecoat #memories #medicinewoman #physician.”

And get ready to get to know the good doctor even better in the near future. On an upcoming episode of RHOC, Dr. Deb opens up a bit more about her life, including how her longtime, much-younger hubby is also a doctor (clip above).