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Valley Family Calls Attack on Children Act of Evil

Exclusive Crime Scene Video inside House of Horrors where 2 Children Stabbed

A Valley Family says “pure evil” is responsible for the heinous attack on two children.

A 24 year old Valley man became so enraged the woman he was looking for wasn’t inside the home on Jennings Street he took it out on her seven year old little girl and her 15 year old sister transforming the family home into slaughter house in a matter of minutes.

Only pure evil the family says would be capable of leaving this trail of terror inside the house in Valley, Alabama where two children, a seven year old Valley second grader and a 15 year old Valley high school student fought for their lives.

“Evil, evil. It’s some evil people in this world today,” the girls Godfather Adolph Dunn told First News.

The seven year old’s mom tells First News exclusively the brutal attack began in this back bedroom where both victims were resting.

The courageous 15 year old told Jasper Berry to leave before all hell broke loose.

According to the family , the suspect slashed the Valley high student 17 times using a sharp object possibly a broken vase before turning his rage on the seven year old.

Berry was on the run for several hours before he was taken into custody in Auburn without incident.

The godfather of the two girls had a parting message for the mad man and a warning about justice from a higher power.

“My message to him is you reap what you sow and I hope God gives you a raft that you can’t stand yourself you know. I hope you get what is coming to you. I’ve go no remorse for him. I’m not sorry for him. My goddaughter is fighting for her life now and I pray that you can’t fight for yours,” Dunn said.

The seven year old victim was lifeflighted to Eggleston Children’s hospital but is alert and listed in stable condition.

The 15 year old is recovering from surgery and remains in critical condition at Grady Hospital in Atlanta.


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