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Top 4 Drives around Beverly Hills and LA to Experience in a 2019 Maserati Levante SUV

Close your eyes and imagine your perfect ocean
voyage. Are you peaceful and serene, gently floating toward exciting ports? Do
you imagine a leisurely trip, with a delightful itinerary and plenty of time to
explore your ideal destinations?

If that’s the picture of your dream cruise,
chances are you’re imagining a small ship. While the typical cruise may conjure
the image of a huge, noisy, floating party, there are better options — with
travelers like you in mind.

Here are five advantages of traveling on a small

1. Unique and unusual ports

A smaller ship can bring you to more
under-the-radar spots around the world, whose ports can’t accommodate larger
ships. Viking, for example, sails to remote Scandinavian ports including the
stunning Lofoten Islands among jagged peaks of Norwegian mountains, or the
picturesque fishing village of Skagen, Denmark’s northernmost town. Smaller
ships can also take you closer to the heart of your dream destinations such as
the Sydney Harbor or the Thames River in London.

2. An intimate, relaxed journey

Ships with fewer than 1,000 passengers allow
every traveler a more leisurely, intimate experience. You’ll get to know your
fellow passengers, the crew and the boat’s amenities much better than on a
large cruise ship. You’ll spend less time just trying to find your way around a
smaller vessel, allowing you to focus on what matters to you. Smaller ships
also mean you’ll experience much quicker and easier embarkation and
disembarkation, with no long lines for anything onboard.

On Viking Sky and her sister ships, there are no
more than 930 passengers. Each stateroom offers a private veranda, with no
interior cabins. Viking hosts no children under 18, has no casinos and offers
free access to the spa, creating a relaxed, peaceful ambiance so you can enjoy
the journey as much as the exceptional destinations.

3. Culturally enriching experiences

Smaller ships allow for more fascinating tours,
and savvy travelers can find the perfect itinerary to suit their tastes.
Excursions on smaller ships afford more flexibility, often including
interesting experiences larger ships wouldn’t have time to offer. For example,
Viking offers excursions that are designed to immerse guests in local cultures,
including Local Life, Working World and Privileged Access experiences. Local
Life excursions shine a light on everyday activities, such as a Viking
Chef-hosted trip to a local farmers market, or tea at a home with local
residents, while Working World excursions feature behind-the-scenes “making of”
experiences like factory and farm visits highlighting local exports. Privileged
Access excursions include unique experiences only available to Viking guests,
such as an exclusive dinner in the Churchill War Rooms in London or a private
cooking class in a Tuscan castle.

Travel experiences through Viking’s ocean
cruises are unique, such as the “Viking Homelands” itinerary, which includes
Scandinavia and the Baltic, with overnights in Stockholm and scenic Bergen,
plus the historic cities of Tallinn, Estonia, and Gdansk, Poland. If warmer
climes entice you, the “West Indies Explorer” itinerary sails round trip from
San Juan avoiding the long sea days from South Florida associated with most
Caribbean cruises and allowing you more time to spend discovering the rich
cultures of nine Caribbean islands over the 11-day sailing. You’ll spend more
time on shore, with at least one overnight stay on virtually every itinerary.

4. Unparalleled shipboard experiences

A smaller ship lets you choose the exact
experiences you desire. Rather than aiming to please everyone, smaller cruise
lines have the luxury of specializing in terms of not only itineraries, but the
entire on-board experience. It’s wise to research what amenities are included —
or not included — on any ship before signing on to the journey.

5. Compelling value

Smaller ships can offer a greater variety of
choices in terms of voyage length, types of accommodations, a better
crew-to-passenger ratio (which means better service) and an overall experience
that suits each passenger in a way that larger, one-size-fits-all cruises
cannot. Search for the right experience for your dream voyage by listing your
must-have amenities and destinations first — then don’t settle for less.

Smaller cruise ships like Viking Sky and her
sister ships offer luxurious amenities such as fine dining, complimentary beer
and wine with lunch and dinner, free Wi-Fi and 24-hour room service. The
onboard Spa draws on the holistic wellness philosophy of Nordic culture, so you
can stimulate your circulatory system in the sauna, then be invigorated by the
snow grotto, where snowflakes gently descend from the ceiling through chilled
air. Viking even offers book collections thoughtfully curated by London’s
Heywood Hill throughout the ships.

If you yearn to travel by sea, consider options
offered by smaller cruise ship lines, and look for your ideal experience. Your
dream ocean voyage will reflect your interests, your travel style and the best
experiences to suit your taste — so you’ll enjoy the journey as much as the