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Tibetan Yoga, Meditation, and Retreats: Divota Apartment Hotel Opens a New Chapter

November 15, 2019 – Divota Apartment Hotel is an unmatched integrated boutique hotel located in the heart of Split that has added a spark to the Varos neighborhood since it first opened its doors. 

Formed by 13 stone houses sprinkled around this historic Split suburb, Divota boasts cozy rooms, studio apartments, and an authentic Dalmatian villa, while its breakfast room, spa, and concierge are just some its perks. 

A pioneer in harmonizing the Mediterranean authenticity of the area with a contemporary and stylish twist, Divota operates to the highest hotel standards, allows guests a full range of services, and promises a powerhouse of professionals to ensure your stay is decorated with all of the right elements. 

Now, with years of successful business behind them, Divota will turn over a new leaf in 2020 with the introduction of Tibetan wellness practices, many of which will be new experiences to the Dalmatian capital. 

Divota owner Andrea Wassmer tells us more. 

“When we started buying small rustic ruins (stone houses) Varos and renovating them to preserve their essence, the idea was to show people back home in Switzerland how cute and beautiful these houses were, as this type of house cannot be found anymore in my home country.

Full of enthusiasm, we always aimed at high quality wanting to be helpful to people, showing our guests absolutely everything we love about the neighborhood and country specifics. Having no background in hospitality, we went to many fairs and still do so every year, to be able to live up to all expectations and give the best we could in showing our guests what beauties Croatia had to show.

No one ever thought that we would grow into one of the bigger hotels in Split, or actually become a hotel  – we started as serviced apartments. Or that from five small apartments it would grow into 29 rooms and apartments situated in 13 houses, with a spa, breakfast space and garden where we started growing our own veggies and fruits – let alone that our guests would like it so much that we ended up getting into the Tripadvisor ‘Hall of Fame’ and also receiving the Travellers Choice award for six consecutive years. Really, no one would have thought that and what a wonderful compliment for everyone who helped build the company. 

Some years back, we started introducing energy work into the company, at the spa as well as in the general company culture. As a result, we would now like to offer our guests more assistance in living a more holistic life as we have gained more insight into what is functional and helpful in life.

Following this, from 2020 we are turning to meditation and yoga, following the lineage of the Tibetan master Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche who introduced Tibetan healing yoga, and many more techniques from the Buddhist Vajrayana tradition, to Europe.”

So, what can we expect from Divota next year?

“We will be hosting our own retreats in Lu Jong (Tibetan healing yoga) and will also be inviting teachers to host retreats with us.

The hotel is opening a meditation space in a beautiful garden situated amid our 13 houses. We will be offering our own Lu Jong retreats and classes in groups and also individual classes.

Generally, we are turning to spirituality and functionality. As the goal of any spiritual practice is enlightenment or self-knowledge, we want to facilitate the process for everyone and offer space for the transformation to happen. In this spirit, we will be building a small column next to the meditation space to remind us to exercise love and compassion towards all sentient beings. To build the column, monks will be coming in from Kathmandu, between March and May 2020, and in July, we will be having a sand mandala made, as a reminder for the impermanence of life.

We are delighted that Tulku Lobsang Rinpoche will be giving three workshops at Divota at the end of July!

We are staring the season with an Easter silent retreat with Shai Tubali, an author philosopher and speaker.”

One thing we know for sure: an exciting year awaits at Divota! To make sure you never miss a Divota beat, be sure to follow them on Facebook and check out their rooms, studio apartments, and villa here.

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