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‘They Were Refused’: Mum’s Shock After Losing Her Child In Kmart

When Amy’s son was lost in the retail store, she assumed it would be a simple case of announcing his disappearance over the store’s PA system to speedily locate him.

Yet writing about her experience on the Northern Beaches Mums Facebook group, the Sydney mum said this was not the case.

“My mum and dad took my three-year-old son to Kmart today and my son decided to hide,” Amy wrote. “He was missing for 15 minutes.”

Amy explained her dad stayed at the front entrance of the store in case her sound found his way out and tried to leave.

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Her parents further asked a Kmart worker to announce details of her son, such as appearance and what he was wearing, over the store’s PA system in an attempt to locate him.

“They asked to make an announcement and they were refused saying they couldn’t due to [a] child protection issue,” she added.

“What else could be done in this situation to help find a lost or hiding child in a store?” Amy asked. Image: Kmart Australia

Many group members, as a result, assumed this was a new policy on Kmart’s part when it comes to missing children and shared their surprise.

“I would of [sic]freaked… if they can’t call it out where was the help,” a group member wrote.

Amy said the retail worker told her parents: “We’re not allowed to announce that there’s a missing child anymore. [It’s] because of Child Protection Policies.”

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“We used to announce what the child was wearing, but now we’re not allowed to even mention there’s a child missing,” they were said to have added.

Yet speaking to 10 daily, a Kmart Australia spokesperson confirmed that Kmart have no policy restricting the use of the PA announcements in-store.

“We deeply apologise for the miscommunication that has occurred here,” the spokesperson said.

“The safety and welfare of our customers is our number one priority, and we want everyone who visits us in-store to have an enjoyable experience. We are sorry that on this occasion, this has not occurred.”

The spokesperson added that Kmart will be re-educating all store team members as of Monday morning.

Featured image: Kmart Australia