Monday , September 16 2019
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These are the UK’s top places to work right now

6. JLL

Real estate and business development roles are thriving at JLL, the corporate property firm. Perks include private medical and dental insurance, and a mortgage advice service. 

7. Barclays

Barclays’ “dynamic working” scheme is a big hit for the bank’s 50,000 employees. It offers work-at-home, job share and flexible hour options, for colleagues looking to fit their roles within the framework of a life well-lived. 

8. BP

The oil company is on the hunt for engineering and software development candidates at the moment. Its clever mentoring programme reverses the usual hierarchy, with young graduates advising their senior counterparts in an effort to keep the work culture fresh. 

9. Goldman Sachs

The investment bank is making scores of new hires in business development and finance. It has recently pledged to make sure at least half of its next entry-level recruits are women

10. Engie

Applicants to the energy firm have jumped by 250,000 in the past two years alone. LinkedIn says its move towards cleaner tech is a major draw for a new generation of candidates.  

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