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The “Trans”-formation of Buckhannon is such a “drag.”

In recent months, the left has gone to the extreme of disallowing children from dressing up as Indians during Halloween. This is perceived as being racially insensitive, by portraying oneself as belonging to an ethnic group that you are not a part of. Nevertheless, those same people don’t seem to care when men dress up in risqué clothing, portraying themselves (often with sexual innuendos), calling themselves “queens” and making a mockery out of women. You cannot truly ever change your gender, so why are they allowed to make a mockery of women?

It used to be considered immoral (and rightly so) to take a child where strippers perform. Yet, people don’t seem to care anymore, as long as it’s under the label of “trans” or “drag.”

We have allowed LGBT activists to twist religion, laws, nature, the rainbow, and definitions. Now, we are allowing them to twist children’s minds. Then, we allow them to call us haters if we do not “play along” with their made-up words, dress up, and sexually explicit behaviors.

These same people, who demand that we remove Bibles from hotels, tell people not to eat at restaurants because of the owners’ faith. They tell customers to boycott stores, where the owners believe marriage is between a man and a woman. We’ve even witnessed secularists tear down statues of crosses because “they are offensive.”

As it pertains to the local controversy, I still cannot believe that an “adult,” asked me while debating the North Buckhannon Drag Queen Story Hour event with children, “Well, did you ask the kids how they felt about it?” Yes, someone seriously asked me that question.

Umm… no, I didn’t. Children are very impressionable, and you have introduced them to an event designed to cause their perception of cross-dressing to be “fun” and “normal.” Therefore, if the indoctrination worked, they would probably say yes, don’t you think?

The way these activists behave and fight for the right to act bazaar is worrisome. They are confused. Furthermore, they fight those who are wanting to protect children and support those who are confusing them. It is just pitiful.

At one time, parents could get their child counseling for anything that they deemed appropriate. Now, they want to outlaw taking a sexually confused child to counseling for help. They somehow feel that a psychologist, a trained professional, would be harmful to a child. However, they feel that exposing a child to a man in women’s clothes performing, reading, or dancing would be helpful and educational. Additionally, many of these “drag queens” have not even had a background check, as occurred in Morgantown.

It used to be an agreed-upon concept that men should not hit women because they are stronger. Now, if they simply say “I feel like a woman,” they must be considered equal.

It used to be an accepted concept that grown men with male genitalia shouldn’t be in a woman’s restroom with a young girl. Now, you are full of hate if you even utter the words, “That makes me uncomfortable.” Then, you are slapped with a lawsuit and they try to ruin your life. You see, we aren’t allowed to have an opinion, and if you dare try, you are labeled as a “hater”.

For over two-thousand years, we have used facts and evidence to sustain our perception of gender, reproduction, and morals.

Then, because someone decided they wanted to be different, they began to attack substantive societal standards. They began to make-up words, go against God’s design and nature, despite knowing that only a man and woman can reproduce. Additionally, they know that what they are feeling is only a desire. However, they demand that we must change laws, bathrooms, restaurants, TV programs, parenting ways, employment regulations, toys, our education system, clothing and bow down to any “feeling” that they may have to accommodate their desires. We must adapt accordingly to each and every whim that they have. If you disagree, the heck with your feelings.

People ask, “Why do you care; it isn’t hurting you is it?” After all, “Love is Love.” They profess to be the ultimate arbiters of love, all while screaming hate at anyone who simply disagrees with them.

Love is being decent, it’s feeding, helping, and treating people with kindness, regardless of their race, gender, etc.  Love is not accepting and supporting all behaviors and lifestyles. Otherwise, we would literally “love” people to death, daily.

If an alcoholic wants a drink, that could result in their hospitalization. Would you say, “Great! Here’s a beer, it’s your business?”

If a drug addict wanted to get high, would you say, “Well you aren’t hurting anyone else”?

If a teenager wanted to paint graffiti on buildings in town, would you say, “Awe, you’re so creative; at least he isn’t going to hurt anybody”?

The answer to all the above: if you really love them, you would say “no.” You would try to talk them out of those actions, not praise them.

When I am told by people that it’s none of my business, and they are the same people who insist that I do not have the right to say what others, should or shouldn’t do…it makes me giggle. These are the same people, who instead of being accepting, constantly tell Christians what to do. They force people to say “holiday” instead of Christmas. They forced the removal of the Ten Commandments, demand the removal of crosses, etc. Why aren’t they inclusive of them?

Why don’t they also include people who have Body Dysphoric Disorder? People with B.D.D. have a perfectly functioning body part, but they want it removed because they “feel” like they have a foreign object stuck to their body. They have even shown not to respond to stimuli in the body part, during medical testing. Do I think that they believe it? Yes. Would I be supportive in removing the body part? Absolutely not. I would try to get them help through the mental health system. I would talk to them. I would pray for them, but one thing that I would never do is tell them that I’ll support their “choice” to remove the limb.

Nor would I scream at everyone else, who tries to make them see that “their thoughts are deceiving, and that they may be mentally unbalanced and should get counseling”, that they are hateful bigots and to “leave them alone”, or ”it’s none of our business”

What about those who cut themselves, pedophiles, serial killers, grown people wanting to be a baby?

At the very least, I would never let them read a book to children, glorifying the subject, and tell them that they are okay thinking those thoughts and that they will be supported in acting on those thoughts.

Furthermore, they aren’t inclusive. They always seem to destroy and fundamentally transform institutions and establishments: girl scouts, boy scouts, churches, restaurants, etc. They can never just leave others alone and start their own scouts, their own church, or other organizations that they profess that they want to be a part of. These groups scream “inclusiveness” the loudest and demonstrate selfishness the most. Including something, doesn’t equal taking something else away, but these groups want to force everyone to be accepting of a behavior, not a person.

They can have “Pride Month”, but we shouldn’t have one day for Christmas? Why? December the 25th is Christmas, not a generic “holiday,” it’s a representation of the birth of Christ. What other “holiday” do you think that it is? If you don’t like Christ or Christmas, are you celebrating it? Or any of the traditions? I don’t believe a man can become a woman and I believe that homosexuality is a sin, so I would never share in celebrating either in any form.

In my opinion, it’s the sexual/mental confusion that leads people to seek a way to make themselves feel normal, it’s uncomfortable to feel confused, so they are always seeking a way to feel better about their lifestyles. So, they insist that you not only be accepting, but to also be supportive. Then they attempt to gain allies to increase their support, as there is power in numbers. That’s why there are so many letters in their acronym LBGTQQIAAK.

Have you noticed how the letters keep multiplying in the LBG, then LBGT, then LBGTQ, then LBGTQA, etc.? True equality is everyone having the same rules and laws!

However, the sad reality is, they remain insecure and confused, seeking peace, the kind of peace that only God can give. Therein lies the problem, although it is what they need, they don’t want to follow God’s word because, as hard as confusion is, change and turning away from sinful desires is even harder. Kind of like a drug addict trying to stop using something that he knows is harming him, but it also makes him feel good in the moment. Why else would anyone attack God?  It’s because just like a father, He is hard to face when your misbehaving. I don’t know about you, but being raised by a man, like my daddy, Don Lewis, it would hurt me more if he looked at me with disappointment than getting punished with a belt. Because the only time that I ever received that look is when I was knowingly acting foolish. That is the nature of a human being, we do not like discomfort, and we certainly do not like to hear others tell us that what we are doing isn’t right, so we try to avoid them. They are searching for something and looking in the wrong places.

But when did the world become so confused that feelings matter over facts? Like a grown man is now allowed to make others uncomfortable, even scared, all because he chooses a lifestyle. What happened to, “You have a right to choose, but you are not free from the consequences of the choice”?

When did it become, we must change everything, faith, facts and science, for every whim that anyone might have?

We are punishing people who state that they want no part of this movement. Why are their “feelings” less valuable than the LBGTQ movement’s opinions?

You must bake them a cake! You must marry them! You must allow them in whatever bathroom that “they’ want! You must call them by a pronoun! You must let them read to children! You must not tell your children that their behavior is wrong! You must call a man a ‘woman’! You had better not speak against the lifestyle, or else! Your ‘faith’ doesn’t matter! The church MUST be accepting! And on, and on…

How would you like it if your opposition, forced you to accommodate, change, shut down and sue any pro-LGBTQ stores/shops because they hurt our feelings? How about we force you to bake cakes for anti-homosexuality parades, change laws every other week to suit us, force you to donate to Christian organizations that do not agree with your beliefs, make you be inclusive and share your speeches and meetings with those who are allowed to call you bigots, racists, heterophobe, anti-straight, and other slandering remarks who just for another to share what they believe in?

We have more evidence that there is a God, than we do of men being born in a woman’s body, or any of the LBGTQ being born that way.

So, my question is, why are we allowing all this behavior around our children and considering it okay? It may not be personally affecting me, but it is affecting my fellow Americans, businesses, and (even more importantly) our grandchildren’s future.

I never would have believed, that in this town (where I was born and raised) filled with great people, I would have received such vitriol, fury and hatred from people who constantly claim to be “tolerant” and “loving” and who are trying to force me to be not only accepting, but also accommodating and supportive.

Fact: Men cannot become women. Biologically, chromosomes affirm that. Biblically, God created man and woman.

You can do and love whomever you want, you can pretend to be a woman, a tree, or a dog, just because you “feel it” doesn’t mean that you are it. So, what gives you the right to force others to accept it as truth?

I “feel” a love for God. I “feel” a dislike for some people. So, should I come up with a list of letters form a group and demand accommodations, and force you to go along with my feelings?

I do not think that we ask too much of you by saying, keep your sexual behaviors and desires in your bedrooms, do not involve children, and I will stay out of “your” business, and then maybe you would stay out of mine and our legal system. Like maybe stop forcing others to bake you a cake.

Sexual desires are not something that can be discriminated against…like people who have no option other than what you see, like handicap people, blacks, etc., It’s pretty bad of you to compare yourselves to them when yours is an act, a choice, they aren’t afforded that. If your behavior is so flashy, then they should be able to tell you to stop it or fire you. I wouldn’t be allowed to stay employed if I went to work acting strangely, what gives you the right?

In the same way, you do not like what I stand for, I also have the right not to be supportive of your stance.

If we aren’t ever supposed to judge anyone’s actions, why are there jails or court systems? Why are there mental hospitals? Some people like to cite the Biblical calling of “Judge not, lest ye be judged.” This is solely in reference to the final judgment.

And to any Christians who are supporting this and knowingly inviting it into the churches: we absolutely need to judge you. We are to use discernment and act accordingly.

1 Corinthians 5: 9-13  reads, “I wrote you in my letter not to associate with immoral people; I did not at all mean with the immoral people of this world, or with the covetous and swindlers, or with idolaters, for then you would have to go out of the world. But actually, I wrote to you not to associate with any so-called brother if he is an immoral person, or covetous, or an idolater, or a reviler, or a drunkard, or a swindler -not even to eat with such a one. For what have I to do with judging outsiders? Do you not judge those who are within the church? But those who are outside, God judges. REMOVE THE WICKED MAN FROM AMONG YOURSELVES.”

I do not want anyone hurt, bullied, or tormented in any way, I am just doing what I know is right. I’m fighting this thing that is being pushed so close to normalcy. This is an attempt at creating new, made-up names and acts, and labeling the rest of us “anti”, “haters of”, even un-Christian, for not wanting to be a part of something that isn’t even real.

To all of you who stand against men dressed as women reading to children, I thank you. To those who disagree with my opinion, I feel the same about yours.

To all of those saying that I am a judgmental, hateful bigot. I suppose that you will love me anyway and be respectful of my “feelings,” like you tell everyone else to do. I’m sure the one thing that  you wouldn’t dare do is judge me! Right?

In the end, this lifestyle is just a sinful nature, just like the rest of us sinners, in need of the saving grace of God. If you feel lost, seek Jesus. I promise He can make you find peace, love, and happiness that truly surpasses all understanding.