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The Fallout That Can Come From Taking Money From Family

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Sometimes in life, you’re going to need to take money from your family. In fact, there are times when it makes perfect sense to go to your family for money. Nobody can handle all of the financial surprises that come up, alone, their whole life. Know that any person who ever lends (or gifts) you money probably does so because someone once did the same for them. So don’t be prideful over it, refusing to take help, even if it means your business will fail, your health will suffer, or your circumstances will in some way become dire. I promise you that even the most successful and independent person you know has accepted financial help in the past.



Now, if and when you do let your family give you money, just be prepared for some changes in the dynamic that will probably occur. Your family will say things like, “This is yours to do what you want with. Pay me back any time. I just want you to do what you need to do and not feel stressed.” And, in their heart of hearts, they mean it. They want to mean it. But people can get sensitive and funny around money. They can have second thoughts. Their own financial situation can change, and suddenly, they can wish they still had the money they gave to you.


The thing about family is that things pretty much always bounce back. Things can get weird and tense and downright contentious, but they have a way of returning to equilibrium. I’m just saying that for a little while, while you’re in possession of this loan, or while you’re making the necessary improvements to your life with gifted money, there can be a little friction with the gifter. Here is some fallout to expect when accepting money from family.


Picking any fight feels inappropriate

You probably fight with your parents sometimes. That’s what people do with their parents. But your parents may also be the very people who are giving you $6,000 right now sooooo, suddenly, speaking up when they irritate you in the usual way they do feels very inappropriate. It feels disrespectful. They just gave you a bunch of money and you’re going to get upset with them for not paying attention to your story about your coworker?