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The City Hall Annex Building of Philly is Transformed into the Notary Hotel

Will Speros •
October 21, 2019

The former City Hall Annex building in Philadelphia has been reimagined as the new Notary Hotel, Autograph Collection of the Marriott Hotels. Dating back to 1926, the property, which has served as a government facility for over 70 years and listed on the National Registry of Historic Places, received its revamp by the New York– based design firm Premier Project Management.

This strong history of the building was both the starting point and inspiration for the firm, which resulted in an interior design reflecting the building’s civic roots while infusing a new modern look throughout. The vintage details at the lobby that reference the early 20th century design, such as the custom made registration desk reminiscent of the nostalgic post offices, fluted glass materials, or the display case showcasing typewriters from the 1920s, are offset with the new marble flooring and millwork. The existing cast plaster ceilings are retained along stone walls, while a palette of green and dark blue hues evoke an Old World flair in tandem with warm metal accents.

The art collection of the hotel is employed to accentuate the historic charms of the building, from cheeky neon signage to a custom display of vintage typewriters. As for the FB options, the onsite tapas concept Sabroso+Sorbo features carved-wood mirror frames flanking its bar, while displaying handmade Spanish ceramics beneath its delicate pendant lights. In addition, there is also the onsite coffee concept La Colombe, serving as an all-day casual hangout spot.