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Teen Takes His Own Life; Parents Say He Was Bullied

Teen Takes His Own Life; Parents Say He Was Bullied Video #####IMG000000001#####

BRYANT, Ark.-Bullying leads to a tragic and final outcome for one family in Bryant.

On Monday, a community came together to remember a 13-year-old who killed himself because of it.

The parents of 13-year-old Evan Malone said the bullying happened at his school in Bryant.

Evan took his own life last month.

Everyone said Evan was a joy to be around. He loved playing video games and spending time with his family.

His parents said his passing was unexpected and he is greatly missed.

“Evan was great. He was the life of the party,” Hayley Malone said.

Evan’s mom Hayley Malone says her son was vivacious.

“Just because of his love for people,” Malone said.

Evan was an 8th grade student at Bethel Middle School in Bryant.

His parents said he was bullied by his classmates. On September 24, something tragic happened.

“He ended up taking his own life. Tomorrow it will be a month…30 days,” Joshua Malone said.

His family says dealing with their son’s loss has been unbearable.

“Very painful part of us is missing. Part of us is gone and we will never get it back,” Hayley Malone said.

The news left Evan’s best friend Sergio Gonzalez shocked.

“I was like at first how do I handle this. Like what happened,” Gonzalez said.

Gonzalez said no matter what Evan always had his back.

“It was my first time riding a hover board and I was so wobbly that I almost fell back, but he caught me. He was like keep on thriving you can do it and I got better at when he said that,” Gonzalez said.

People from the community celebrated Evan’s life at a block party Monday afternoon. From balloons, face painting and bounce houses it was all for Evan.

“I never knew there could be this much love,” Malone said.

Evan’s parents said it’s important for people to speak out if they are bullied.

“We had no red flags it was out of the blue and if would have just said something we would have been glad to help him anyway we could,” Malone said. 

The money raised from Monday’s block party will help the family and create an Anti-Bullying Foundation in Evans honor to bring attention and awareness to bullying.

The family set up a go fund me page, you find the link here.