Monday , March 30 2020
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New Yorkers’ Coronavirus Questions, Answered by THE CITY

Help THE CITY cover the coronavirus crisis: What are your questions, concerns and experiences? <p data-uri="thecity. nyc/_components/paragraph/instances/ck8c4va2400093b5xhcfv0xw0@published” data-editable=”text” class=”paragraph”>Hundr of readers have reached out to THE CITY with questions about the coronavirus pandemic. Here are the answers we found for some of the most common questions. We realize these issues …

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Will Daycares Survive the Covid-19 Outbreak?

The circumstance is particularly precarious for family daycares, many of them staples in poor and working-class neighborhoods where home-based child care is sometimes the only form of licensed care around. Their small size and flexibility about hours makes these programs particularly well-positioned to help with this crisis, says Jones. Many …

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