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In Afghanistan, Making Menstruation Mentionable

Saina Hamidi, a psychological counsellor in Kabul, Afghanistan, says she was around nine years old when she first heard mention of women who bleed. Her older sister had come across one of their cousins washing bloodied clothes and told their mother about it. “I overheard my mother reprimand my sister …

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Organizations address domestic violence against black women

While Black History Month serves as an opportunity to educate and celebrate the great contributions African-American people have made throughout history, it is also a time to acknowledge the uncomfortable truth that African-American women face domestic violence and homicide at higher rates than other groups. According to a July 2017 …

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The man who saved the GI Bill

Nearly 75 years ago, on a stormy night in southern Georgia, U.S. Rep. John S. Gibson was rushed by a police motorcycle escort from his hometown of Douglas to Jacksonville, Fla., where a plane awaited him. He flew off to Washington, D.C. , arriving just in time to cast his …

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15 Underrated Romantic Movies Directed By Women

For anyone who has rewatched genre classics like Sleeping in Seattle or the entire Nancy Meyers oeuvre one too many times (yes, it’s possible), these underrated films directed by lesser-known female directors breathe fresh life into the romance genre with characters and plots that are as endearing as the heart …

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