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Cell phone and technology contract for kids and their parents

Think about technology you and your children use on a daily basis: smartphones, laptops and potentially a host of other smart devices. Being constantly connected has become a routine part of our daily lives, but I’ll bet many parents remember a time before we carried powerful do-everything computers in our …

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The future of fitness: innovation comes at a price

Leading the charge on holistic health is boutique fitness club Equinox, whose mantra “it’s not fitness, it’s life” has taken the gym chain through twenty-five years of expansion. “Brands like Equinox, known for their high-tempo classes are placing a greater emphasis on movement, nutrition, and regeneration,” explains Buchanan. “They’ve integrated mindfulness …

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As K-12 VR use grows, researchers consider impact on children

Last school year, Elenisa Vasquez led a pilot initiative in the Laredo (Texas) Independent School District (LISD) to incorporate virtual reality (VR) technology into instruction for elementary and middle school students at two schools. The program has been viewed as so successful that this year it expanded to include all …

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Parents and Kids Weigh in on Their Family’s Tech Protocol

The debate rages everywhere—in parenting groups, online, in advice columns. And of course, very vocally at home. Kids beg for more, more, more screen time. Today more than half of US parents of teens limit their access to devices. At least somewhat. But there’s hardly a consensus on what is …

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How an underwear startup is capitalizing on unfounded fears of technology

Lambs, a startup that previously sold radiation-proof underwear under the name “Spartan,” has rebranded and announced it will start selling radiation-proof, silver-lined beanies. Despite the medical community’s continued insistence that radiation from cell phones does NOT cause cancer, predatory startups like Lambs continue to make products designed to profit from …

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The Unvarnished Truth About Being A Female Leader In Tech

Part of the series “Women, Leadership and Vision” <p class="color-body light-text”>Rachel Mushahwar Photo Courtesy of Intel Most of us have read many articles and statistics about how the tech world remains biased against women in terms of leadership roles, and in roles throughout the ranks, actually. Taking another perspective, what …

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