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New Yorkers Flocking To Mass. to Buy Pot

Northhampton Mayor David Narkewicz makes the first purchase of legal pot at a store in Massachusetts By Dan Murphy As the State legislature and Gov. Andrew Cuomo delay their decision on whether to legalize the sale of marijuana in the Empire State, New Yorkers are not waiting for the outcome. …

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Caps on family welfare lose favor in more states

WASHINGTON — Since the 1990s, nearly half the states have denied additional cash assistance to low-income mothers who have more children while receiving welfare. But in recent years, so-called family cap laws have fallen out of favor. Last month, Massachusetts became the latest state to repeal its family cap, when …

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Decades old cap on welfare benefits for families is repealed

Families typically receive about $100 a month for each child, but were denied additional welfare benefits for any child who was conceived while, or soon after, the family began receiving benefits. “One hundred dollars a month can make the difference in whether struggling families can afford diapers, warm clothes, and …

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