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Reflecting on the Brown decision

– It was 65 years ago on Friday, May 17 that America took a giant step for racial justice and equality when the landmark Brown v. Board of Education was handed down by the Warren Court on May 17, 1954. The Brown decision ended legal segregation in the nation’s public …

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Maine Voices: Public pre-K expansion worthy of support

I am so pleased with the Maine Legislature’s Education Committee’s positive actions in unanimously approving L.D. 1043, a bill that will expand voluntary pre-kindergarten programs into every Maine school district in the coming years. This past winter, I had the privilege of testifying before the committee in support of this …

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The home in a child’s education

THE EDITOR: My years at Corinth Teachers’ College (1976-1978) still serves me in good stead, notwithstanding that since then there has been an explosion of social media. The basics remain the same. My concern today is the need to remind parents of the impact of home life on the education …

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Summertime Is Full of Learning Opportunities

Summertime presents a great opportunity to enhance your children’s education. A fun way to do that is through educational outings. It’s one thing to read about something interesting in a book or watch a documentary; it’s something else entirely to experience the real thing in person. As you’re making plans …

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