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RedDoorz partners with BIMA to provide insurance for hotel employees

Stefanie Irma, Melvin Juruena RedDoorz announced on September 13, 2019 a strategic partnership with Swedish microinsurance company BIMA. Through the partnership, the Southeast Asian hotel management and booking platform will provide all of its hotel partner staff with life and personal accident insurance. The partnership was made official at a …

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Money matters: Personal finance is not rocket science

Despite all the numbers and what appears to be a mathematical problem, at the end of the day, personal finance, in my opinion, is common sense! Several online tools can assist the number crunching, both simple and complex ones. The most important part of planning your personal finances is to …

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How much life insurance do you need?

HomemoneyinsuranceHow much life insurance do you need? To find the accurate life insurance cover, experts suggest finding out Human Life Value (HLV) considering all aspects of the earning person and dependents Life insurance cover is an amount that gives financial security to your family members in case of your death. …

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Where Can a Family Cut Corners, Including Estate Planning?

Submitted by T.J.  We are always looking to become more efficient. With spring planting delays and prevent planting this year, we’re trying very hard to trim even more expenses. We have land and machinery loans, operating loans and input expenses, property taxes, insurance payments – and we have to live. …

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How One Family Fell Into—and Dug Out of—an Insurance Scandal

The company selling all those policies was no fly-by-night operator. It was government-controlled Japan Post Holdings Co. 6178 0.42% , one of the world’s largest financial groups, with trillions of dollars in assets. “I couldn’t believe it, because I had absolute trust in the post office,” said Mr. Nawata as …

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