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Financial fraud more fraught when perpetrator is known

When it comes to identity theft and other financial fraud, the perpetrator is sometimes close to home. While people worry about having their identity or money stolen by strangers online, family, friends and acquaintances are increasingly the ones stealing and profiting from personal information, according to one survey. This creates …

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5 Steps to Becoming a Qualified Candidate for a Farm Loan

Farmers who are experiencing tough financial times, need an alternative for loan assistance, and have been turned away by their regular bankers should know that there’s help out there in 2020.   There’s plenty of evidence that farmers across the U.S. are suffering from multiple years of low commodity prices. Net …

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What is a sugar baby?

A sugar baby is someone who receives financial and/or material gifts in exchange for a relationship. The sugar daddy or momma is usually much older than the sugar baby, according to Urban Dictionary. It is common for people to believe that only women can be sugar babies, but the term …

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Making financial life simple for senior citizens

A friend of mine has been running around for the last two years trying to get her parents finances in order. Her father suffered a stroke two years back and her mother also came down with a disability. All of a sudden, she was thrust with the responsibility of taking care …

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