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Can mindfulness help your child’s education?

Here, Rachel Hall, Managing Director of Busy Things, discusses how mindfulness can benefit your child’s education and how you can try it with them at home Children today can develop a lot of stress that can negatively impact their education if it’s not dealt with properly. Mindfulness is a great activity …

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My son grieves for the great grandfather he has never met

My partner and I have a five-year-old son, who seems to be happy and thriving. We live far away from any other family members. I am estranged from my family (my parents divorced when I was young and neither was a very interested parent). We’ve had various ensuing issues, therefore …

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Codependency in the Family: Short and Long-Term Effects on Children

(Source: KonstantinChristian/Shutterstock.com) by Katie Hill | August 14, 2019 Families are faced with challenges which are regular part of life — granted — but a dysfunctional family, or family member, may lead to what is called codependency. It’s a hot topic in mental health and wellness communities right now. You’ve …

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Adam – Lost Memories: A Story About Abuse and Hope

Adam Dubi, the solo-developer of Adam – Lost Memories, is a survivor of child abuse. Growing up in Hungary, he suffered emotional and sometimes physical abuse from his family. A family he describes as “falling apart.”  Abuse is a difficult thing for a survivor to talk about. The trauma can …

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