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Italian, U.S. police make arrests as Mafia clan looks to regroup

PALERMO, Italy (Reuters) – Italian and U.S. police have launched a coordinated crackdown against major crime families who were looking to rebuild their Mafia powerbase in Sicily, Italian investigators said on Wednesday. More than 200 police, including officers from the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), have been carrying out …

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My View: Life lessons learned in the company of women

By Michael Scully For virtually my entire life I’ve been surrounded by and profoundly influenced by girls and women. Lucky me! My family of origin consisted of my parents, myself and my seven sisters. So our family consisted of 80% of the fairer gender, and for me this was normal …

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Education’s crucial link with nutrition

The recently released draft New Education Policy (NEP) 2019 seeks to reform India’s education sector by providing a greater impetus to childhood learning and development. The policy recommends the introduction of an extensive programme for young children, what is calls Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE). It proposes to implement …

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Northern Italy: Alpine Adventures

When we think of northeastern Italy, we think Venice. Maybe Trieste. But what’s in between? Two Italian alpine regions that border Austria enjoy a gusty blend of Italian and Germanic traditions and cuisines, as well as a devotion to wellness, eco-tourism and the outdoors. Combine the best of the Alto …

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How to De-Stress on Vacation – Travel Relaxation Tips

<p class="body-dropcap”>Recent surveys estimate that it takes people anywhere between three and four days of vacation to feel relaxed. A study published in the Journal of Happiness Studies found that our wellbeing increases significantly as soon as we’re on vacay, but those feelings then settle and don’t peak again until …

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Politics dressed up and dressed down – Asean+

BANGKOK: What does fashion have to say to politics, or vice versa? Between “power suits” meant to awe and intimidate and rumpled T-shirts bearing flippant protest messages, it’s not hard to see the communication going on. Thailand’s immense ideological divide is plain enough to gauge in the different-coloured shirts on …

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