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Building a Business as a Latino Entrepreneur

By Bankrate Staff Claudia Ramos, graphic designer and illustrator from North Hollywood, Calif., dreams of turning her side business, Claudia Ramos Designs, into a full-time gig. Her dreams are specific, she’d like to see her work and that of other Latina artists sold in her very own shop. Ramos, who was …

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One Key Reason Entrepreneurs Don’t Make Good Managers And Vice Versa

A great manager excels in critical thinking and judgment. These are high-level mental functions that underlie the ability to plan and strategize. A highly developed capacity for critical thinking shows itself in the demonstrated ability to anticipate first, second and third-degree consequences of an action or decision. Entrepreneurs often succeed …

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Steve Trenk: Eclectic Cannabis Entrepreneur

I’ve never actually met Steve Trenk in person, but our circles probably are much closer than we might think. I too grew up in New Jersey, in a small town named, Morris Township. Not too far, as the crow fly’s from where Steve spent his formative years. It’s ironic somehow …

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