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Center for Family Justice Partners w/ BOA to Help Protect CT Residents

Bridgeport, CT – With stay-at-home restrictions in place, the coronavirus has triggered a rise in domestic abuse throughout Connecticut. Individuals and families are now faced with choosing between health risks associated with the coronavirus or staying at home with an abusive partner. The Center for Family Justice (CFJ), which provides …

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Call for more talk on domestic violence

Fiona McWhirter PLP women‘s caucus More discussion: counsellor Tina Laws (Photograph supplied) Image supplied. Related Stories Domestic violence ne to become a bigger part of community conversation, a counsellor said yesterday. Tina Laws, the founder of coaching company Under Konstruction, explained that everyone can play a part in dealing with …

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Ann Arbor women’s shelter: No spike in domestic violence cases during COVID-19 pandemic. Here’s why.

ANN ARBOR – While stay-at-home orders in Michigan and throughout the world present certain challenges to those living under them, survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault are a particularly vulnerable population during extended periods of isolation. Though local law enforcement agencies and Ann Arbor’s women’s and children’s shelter, SafeHouse …

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Parents work, life out of balance

The Free Press has made this story available free of charge so everyone can access trusted information on the coronavirus. Support this work and subscribe today As they shuffle between work or a job search, household chores and homeschooling, overworked parents — who are, more often than not, mothers — …

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After job loss, comes domestic violence

Nearly 94 per cent of women workers in Dhaka city are facing domestic violence as they have no income because of coronavirus pandemic, according to a study. The Bangladesh Nari Sramik Kendra (BNSK) said economic lockdown has also created mental stress of male partners, resulting in torture of women. Besides, …

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