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How Our Careers Affect Our Children

Mark Edward Harris/Getty Images What working parent hasn’t felt guilty about missing soccer games and piano recitals? When there are last-minute schedule changes at work or required travel to a client site, it’s normal to worry that you’re somehow permanently scarring your little one. But how does our work affect …

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The Happiest Careers In America

A new study reveals employees value coworkers and personal control over compensation. If you think your administrative assistant hates her job, think again. A new survey from job site shows that they actually value their work, their colleagues—even their boss—more than dozens of other professions. This week, survey results …

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This tech executive left a steady job at Facebook and switched careers, raising more than $5 million for a gam

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How to Keep Parents From Fleeing STEM Careers

It is no secret that working parents in the United States face hardship. Paid family leave is still rare, the cost of childcare is soaring, school hours don’t line up with the workday, and dual-income households are more required than ever as wages stagnate and the cost of living surges. …

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STEM Careers Are Even Harder On Parents Than We Thought, Study Finds

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