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Do Longer Maternity Leaves Hurt Women’s Careers?

Maskot/Getty Images Career or child care? It’s an unfortunate dilemma faced by every working woman with a baby on the way. Should she take a lengthy maternity leave, knowing that more time at home can improve the well-being of both mother and child? After all, research shows maternity leaves are …

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Women face dual challenge: Display talent, beat patriarchy

Sujaya Banerjee India continues to rank the third-lowest in the proportion of business leadership roles held by women for a third year consecutively. For women executives, there is a dual responsibility: One of leveraging opportunities to demonstrate their talent equally, and the other of working the maze and triumphing the …

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Women Play Catch-Up Their Entire Careers

In my coaching practice, I run across a number of female professionals who are frustrated with their career progression. They feel like they’ve been committed to the company, working endless hours, doing what it takes to get the job done and then some. A big part of the problem is, …

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Aviation Careers

Another factor affecting the industry is the requirement that airline pilots hold an ATP certificate rather than a commercial license, which requires 1,500 hours of flight time (unless you have a college degree from an accredited aviation college or flew in the military) before you can land your first airline …

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